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leatherwork - Allows the fixing of leather goods.


leatherwork <object>

leatherwork cost <object>


This command allows you to patch up leather goods when you are in a tannery. Depending on the extent of damage, simple sewing may succeed in fixing your item, or the leather may have to be tanned, cut and sewn into place, which will, of course, be rather more expensive. The skill used is crafts.materials.needlework for lightly damaged items, and crafts.materials.leatherwork for more badly damaged items. The command uses 35 guild points on average, but this may be affected by the quality of tools provided in the tannery where you do the repairs.


> leatherwork socks

You sew up all the holes in the pair of chamois socks, bringing it to top condition. The thread and sinew costs you 3p.

See also

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