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Discworld command help



feint - attempt to mislead your opponent.


feint [at] <living> with <object>
feint [at] <living> [unarmed]


This command allows you to attempt a false attack at an opponent. If successful the opponent falls for your feint taking time and effort to defend against an attack you never make. This leaves them at a disadvantage for a future attack.

It is possible to feint unarmed rather than with a weapon, but you must have at least one free hand (i.e. a hand that is not holding anything at all) in order to do so.

Your ability in fighting.special.weapon/unarmed determines your ability to prepare a feint and your weapon/unarmed ability is used to mislead your opponent. Your opponent's fighting.special.tactics skill will help them determine whether the attack is a feint. It will cost you 30 fighting guild points to attempt to feint.


> feint at warrior with knife
You prepare to feint at the warrior.