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Backstab - Attempt to backstab someone.


backstab <victim>


With the backstab command you mount a stealthy attack on somebody who is in the same room as you. You cannot use this attack while you are in combat in that location.

Your ability to sneak around your victim depends on your skill bonus in the relevant subskill of covert.stealth with the difficulty based on the ambient light of your environment, the total amount of light on yourself, things you are carrying and on your target's bonus in adventuring.perception. Should you fail you might be in for a nasty surprise.

The strength of the attack is based on your skill with the weapon you're holding, as well as how covertly you manage to use it. The number of attacks you attempt is partly determined by your skill in covert.items.weapons and by the properties of the weapon(s) you use. If your attack is particularly effective, your victim will become confused and shocked and will be affected accordingly. Some weapons are specifically suited to backstabbing and will be more effective.

Starting a backstab costs 40 guild points and each subsequent attack costs a further 10 guild points.


backstab old troll
You sneak around the old troll without being spotted and manage to catch him by surprise.
You smash the old troll in the right foot with one of your golden dragon nunchaku.

See also

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