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Discworld command help



ambush - Set an attack on someone.


ambush <person>



The ambush command allows you to launch a pre-planned covert attack on a single victim. It is done in two stages: the first involves laying the ambush, which must be done when the intended victim is not in the room. This costs 10 guild points. To start an ambush also costs 10 points and each attempted attack costs a futher 10 points. Your stealth skill is used to see if you can successfully start an attack and the number of attempts is determined by the properties of the weapons used and your covert.items.weapons skill versus the victim's adventuring.perception. The strength of your attack is based on your skill with the weapons used.


> ambush
You find a suitable place to hide and lay an ambush.
A merchant arrives from the north.
> ambush merchant
You come out of your hiding place.
You leap out on the merchant, catching him by surprise.

See also

hide, sneak