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idea - Report ideas to the creators


idea object <name of NPC or item>
idea object new
idea {room|here}
idea spell <name>
idea spell {new|generic|wizards|witches}
idea spell new
idea ritual <name>
idea ritual {new|generic}
idea command <name>
idea soul <soul command>
idea soul new
idea achievement <name>
idea achievement new
idea help <subject>
idea help object <name of NPC or item>
idea misc {armours|clothes|food|furnitures|jewellery|scabbards|weapons}
idea special {clubs|combat|council|craft_patterns|mxp|newspaper|parser|player_housing|player_shops|sheet_music|transport_npcs|website}
idea web <url>

bug replies new
bug replies


This command informs the creators of ideas you have about commands, spells, objects (room items, normal items, NPCs, etc.), rituals, help files, rooms, or in general. The first argument is used to specify what type of idea the report object the idea is about, while the second is the name of the command, spell, etc. The second argument is not used for rooms as "here" is implicit, it's also not used for general ideas.

The idea report is recorded in a database specific to whatever you are using the command for, so try to be specific in your use.

If you report an idea for a new spell or a spell you haven't remembered at the moment, you can use the name of one you have, as all spells are maintained by the same creator, so the report will still go to the right person. The same is true for rituals.

To report ideas in rooms just stand in them and use the command.

To report ideas about objects be VERY SPECIFIC. For example, if you've got three swords, don't use 'idea object sword' because the idea report will go to the first sword even if it's not the one you have an idea about.

Especially for creators: the object can be specified by filename.

To report ideas about commands, spells and rituals, just put the name of the command or spell as you know it as the second argument.

To report ideas for a help file, use 'idea help <name>', PLEASE only use this for reporting ideas about helpfiles.

For new spells you use the command 'idea spell new' and for new rituals you use the command 'idea ritual new'.


> idea object sword
Ok, enter your text. ** on a line by itself to exit.
1 ] The sword of slaying should have different swords for different races.
2 ] **
1 lines - Choose from IDLMCESQ H for help. s
Quitting and saving.

> idea object troll
Ok, enter your text. ** on a line by itself to exit.
1 ] The troll is ok, but when I give it the
2 ] four strata pizza it should start eating it.
3 ] **
2 lines - Choose from IDLMCESQ H for help. s
Quitting and saving.

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