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Discworld player help



hsay - Say history.


hsay [{brief|verbose}]
hsay [{brief|verbose}] player
hsay [{brief|verbose}] <number>
hsay [{brief|verbose}] <number> hours
hsay [{brief|verbose}] search <name>


The history of your says. It shows you the last few says you done in the same room as you (by your self or other people). This also includes communication by commands such as lsay, whisper and sayto.

By default, says are shown together with the date and time they were made. If you set "brief htell", then date and time will not be shown (this setting also affects brevity of other communication history commands, such as htell and hcomm). If you want to bypass your setting, just specify "hsay brief" or "hsay verbose" directly.

When using "hsay search" followed by a name, you will only be shown says to and from that specific person. If you use hsay followed by a number, you only see that number of says. When using the "hsay <number> hours" syntax, you will be shown only says in the last given number of hours.

Of course, not only other players talk, but also non-player characters. To see only chats by other players, use the "hsay player" command. Since player-says are saved separately, this may sometimes show says which do show up directly in "hsay".


> hsay
** <random time> **
Pinkfish says to you: have you seen the womble?
** <random time> **
Ilik whispers to you: thanks for the money!

> hsay brief player
Pinkfish says to you: have you seen the womble?

See also

say, htell, hsoul, hcomm, hnewbie