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Creator Invisibility

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Creator Invisibility




Creator invisibility is a feature of the mud. An invisible creator is generally not visible to players through features such as event informs, nor will a player see them when they are present in a room. Creators may choose to allow specific players or categories of player to see them whilst invisible, this is a privilege they grant to those players.

Players may be individually allowed by a creator, or may be allowed because that creator has chosen to allow one or more categories of players, such as guild officials or magistrates.


Players are generally expected not to reveal the presence of invisible creators that they can see to other players. This includes information such as an invisible creator logging in, the fact that an invisible creator is logged in, or the presence of an invisible creator in a room.

Creators should generally not send tells to a player who can not see them, and if engaging with a single player (rather than players in general) on a talker, should consider either becoming visible or allowing that player to see them.

Invisible creators going into game rooms should remove any items that send chats to the environment.

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