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Creators - those who are here to code things


The creators are the people that make the Disc turn and help ease the wheels of movement. They are the immortals of Discworld. There are two types of creators, coding creators and liaison creators. Coding creators write the code, create the areas and fix the bugs in the code, while Liaison creators help players with their problems and also help create a better interface between the players and the rest of the creator community.

Discworld is intended to be an experiential place. That is you learn by trying and doing, not by asking a creator. Creators should not, and will not, answer questions of the type 'what level do I need for xxx' or, 'are there any quests in yyy', or even 'where is zzz', so please do not ask these questions.

The members of the liaison domain will be more helpful towards newbies who are getting acquainted with the mud, but experienced players should expect to be told 'go find out for yourself'.

The flip side of this is that creators are not allowed to interfere with players either directly or indirectly. If a creator does such a thing you should contact their domain leader or a Director/Trustee.


There are 5 levels of creator; creators are usually organised in domains, although a creator may work for several domains.


CreatorA creator is a coder.
Senior CreatorThe Senior Creators are experienced creators who have more freedom to code for any domain.
IndependentThese are highly experienced creators who have the knowledge and authority to work on all parts of the mud.
DirectorDirectors serve in a more managerial role and often serve as domain leaders.
TrusteeThe final level is the Trustee. Trustees are the administrators of the mud.


The MUD is divided into separate areas for management. Current areas include Ankh-Morpork, Ramtops, Surroundings, Klatch, CWC, Underworld, Forn and Guilds. These areas are called domains. Each creator works for one or more domains. There is a special domain called liaison. The members of liaison have a special role which is explained in 'help liaisons'.

Before Applying

1.Being a Creator can be a wonderful experience. Becoming a Creator involves a change in the way you approach the MUD: time, commitment and responsibility are necessary. For many people, viewing the game from "behind the scenes" can completely change their perspective, understanding and enjoyment of the game. It will never be the same again. You should consider these factors very carefully before you apply.
2.The minimum requirements to apply for creatorship on Discworld are a minimum age of five days and guild level 150. Being a Creator means assisting the Disc as a whole, so general knowledge of the entire Disc is important. Each Leader has different methods and means of employing creators: your application will be sent to the relevant Domain Leader, and they may have further questions or requirements for their Domain.
3.We prefer you not to be a Creator on Discworld while holding a creator/admin position on any other MUD/MUSH/talker, etc. This is primarily to avoid conflicts of interest. It is also an issue of commitment; dedication to the Discworld plays a key part in being a creator. However this is only a guideline and it is only a factor in the consideration.
4.Before submitting your application to creatorship, you should pay old debts, return loaned items, etc. You are not allowed to do this as a Creator.
5.You are allowed to have player characters as a Creator, but at all times you will primarily be a Creator. This means that playing the game cannot prevent or interrupt the fulfilment of your duties. Being a Creator means having access to inside information on how the game actually works. This makes competition with other players unfair. Therefore, your player characters are also not allowed to be on the Top Ten Tables, hold Guild positions (such as House Master, High Priest, Senior Wizard, etc) or other player titles.
6.Note to Coding Applicants: You don't need to have any programming skills to become Creator: we can teach you that. Imagination is important as we can't teach you that.
7.Note to Liaison Applicants: Applicants to the Liaison domain should be aware that they will be called upon to deal with questions, problems and issues in ALL areas of the Disc and more than basic knowledge of areas is beneficial.

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