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Clubs and Families

 — where players grow and multiply

Clubs and families are a great feature of Discworld MUD that allow players more control over the game. Anyone can create a club or a family. See the concept help for clubs, families, and relationships for even more informaton.


There are two types of clubs, elected clubs and personal clubs. All clubs start out as personal clubs and have the option of becoming elected clubs after they have recruited 10 members. Members can be recruited into the club by designated recruiters and positions unique to the club can be created that personalise the club even more.

Club list


Families are groups of people that share a surname. Families are forever so once you join one, there's no going back. You can join a family by entering a relationship with someone in a family or by registering your own at the local registry in either Ankh-Morpork or in Bes Pelargic. Being a member of a family will give you a last name.

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