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Clients for Discworld MUD

Although many players start by playing in their browser, it is better in the long run to download your own client, for example to have logging and customisable windows. There are many different clients available online, both free and paid ones. We present a few of the free options here which are popular among Discworld players.

* MUSHclient (with Discworld plugins)

The most popular free MUD client for Windows, packaged with a set of Discworld-specific plugins by Discworld player Quow. The client can be run from a USB stick without need for installation.

Note: the download is set up to give access to the plugins, but not to have too many extra features active immediately. For instructions on using the plugins to their maximum potential, read the main download page for Quowbar.

Also note: MUSHclient is also available without Discworld-specific additions, from the main MUSHclient website.


Installation Instructions

    Simply unzip this file somewhere sensible (such as a "Discworld" or "MUSHclient" folder on your desktop, or on a portable USB stick), and run the "MUSHclient.exe" file within.
    You need to install Wine (on Debian and Ubuntu this can for instance be done using sudo apt-get install wine). Then, simply unzip the MUSHclient file in some directory of your choice, navigate to this directory in an xterm window, and execute: wine MUSHclient.exe
    Mac OS
    You will also need to use Wine. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find any player to test whether this works, so cannot give detailed instructions.

* Mudlet

Although not as widely used as MUSHclient, Mudlet is a portable client with versions available for all major operating systems.

Note: A commonly used plugin by Discworld player Ghostbird is available from the Mudlet Wiki (DiscworldUI).


Installation Instructions

Follow the instructions for your operating system on the download page. This is largely a matter of unzipping the file in a sensible place and following the instructions to properly install the file.

* TinTin++

For those who like to play from their terminal windows, TinTin++ is a popular choice. There are versions for all major operating systems, but this is mostly used by people using Linux or Mac OS X.


Installation Instructions

Follow the instructions for your operating system on the installation page (linked from the download page). For many OSs this is as simple as invoking the package manager.

* Blowtorch

Although it is not recommended – especially for beginning players – some players like to play from their mobile phone or tablet. On Android, the client favoured by most is Blowtorch.

Download and Installation Instructions

BlowTorch MUD Client is available from the Google Play store.