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Posted at Fri Apr 2 Title: Horses

Hello everyone!

As we have previously announced, rideable horses were added to Discworld yesterday. We have enjoyed all the speculation in the last week, and we hope that many of you have enjoyed playing around with your new pets. :)

Now that it is no longer the first of April, and we are likely to be believed, we are happy to tell you that:
* horses are here to stay
* you can now buy horses at the stable on King's Down
* horses can be used for riding, carrying equipment and combat!
* different horses have various traits, so your choice of horse matters
* you will now have to feed and groom your horses to keep them healthy

Have a read of the helpfiles on the horses to learn more. For now, you can still rent horses for a week so you can experiment, but this option will be removed at the end of April.

- The creators