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Posted at Thu Mar 4 Title: Shielding changes.

Please note that in a couple of days you will no longer be able to stack major/minor shield or holy aegis with TPA/SFP or bugshield.

This announcement is mostly for the benefit of people with stacked major shields. Once these changes are live, if you have a stacked major shield and you self-cast a TPA, your stacked major shield will be lost. Lost shield duration will not be replaced for you if you accidentally override your own major shield with a TPA.

Although you will be able to override your existing shields (for example by replacing your TPA with major shield or major shield with TPA), you will not be able to do this to other people.

This is one reason why meditate is now a stand alone command - we wanted you to be able to easily remove your own divine protection in case you wanted to rely on someone else's TPA without having to go to a high altar.

I will blog to the recent developments blog when this change goes live. :)