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Posted at Wed Feb 24 Title: Temporary PK!

Hello everyone!

As you may be aware (after quite some discussion on the boards), we have recently made substantial changes to the way Playerkilling works in Discworld. Most importantly, PK status is now determined by membership of the Playerkillers clan, which is managed by an elected leader.

Now, as the next step in these changes:
* we have renamed 'clan' to 'league', to avoid the impression of a group of people who are friendly with each other :)
* members of the Playerkillers League have access to a Vote Of No Confidence mechanism to depose an unpopular leader
* any player can create temporary leagues for consensual PK with willing participants

Temporary leagues last for 10 days, or until their creator disbands them. These are intended for player-run events, or just for sparring with friends or having a wedding brawl.

More details are available in "help playerkilling" and "help league".