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Discworld Domains - Cwc

The leader of Cwc is Aristophanes.

Its deputy is Fuhji.

The Counterweight Continent is an explorer's dream. Sapient pearwood forests blanket the continent, and octiron is found not too far from the surface. Gold is abundant, and the water buffalo are happy.

From the Forbidden City, the Sun Emperor of the Agatean Empire rules, making important decisions that control the entire continent. Situated in the centre of the capital city Hunghung, the Forbidden City is protected by massive forty feet high walls. Penetrating the defences of the Forbidden City means the removal of all limbs, ears and eyes. It is definitely not the place for a tourist.

Approximately fifty million people populate the Counterweight Continent, making it one of the most densely populated land masses on the Disc. Consisting of other cities such as Sum Dim and Bes Pelargic (the Agatean Empire's only coastal city), the Counterweight Continent is waiting for you to arrive with your travel documents and your Luggage.

The only trouble now is getting there.

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