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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Making Your Mark, posted on Wed Apr 19 11:07:49 2023
Posted by: Kadath
Category: Special
A few specific tanneries in the Sto Plains and Ramtops regions now stock leather tooling equipment. This will allow you to add text and patterns to leather items, or those made of similar enough material. Two pattern books and several loose tooling pattern sheets are available in various locations and more are expected to start appearing as additional enterprising shopkeepers look to get in on this new avenue of income.

The Hidden Articles, posted on Thu Apr 13 03:48:58 2023
Posted by: Capita
Category: Guilds
Articles such as "A", "An" or "The" added to deluded items will now be hidden appropriately in messages that mention those items.


She has A Student Wizard floating around her.

The wise monk swings at you but your floating Student Wizard swoops in and absorbs all of the blow.

Arcane Machinations, posted on Tue Apr 11 12:11:58 2023
Posted by: Kadath
Category: Guilds
Thanks to an unprecedented few days of reluctant cooperation and minimal[1] bickering, the various orders of wizardry (and hedge wizardry) have been able to iron out a number of thaumic wrinkles with various spells, artifacts and magical miscellanea. The most noteworthy of these changes are summarised below:

Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel (JPCT)

- Burning portals from JPCT should now interact in more intuitive ways with things like hand and foot armour, as well as elemental shielding.


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Maisey Hits The Road, posted on Fri Apr 7 19:36:11 2023
Posted by: Evensong
Category: General
Happy that she has made a difference, Maisey has decided to go back out on the road.

She's taken a bunch of Fools Guild admin forms with her so she can train and recruit on her travels and has left details of her tour dates in the reception Office.

Papilio Tempestae Ad Nauseam., posted on Fri Apr 7 15:16:27 2023
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds

I have taken the wizard spell Patient Taming of the Quantum Weather Butterfly firmly by the metaphorical scalp and shaken it up and down a bit.

You will notice that there is now a physical weather lotus in the room when you cast the spell, as well as the fact that the temperature command will report how much the weather orb is affecting you.

The most important functional (rather than cosmetic) change is that the temperature change effected by a weather orb will only be able to affect others if...

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Give A Man A Fire..., posted on Thu Apr 6 22:00:18 2023
Posted by: Evensong
Category: General
Maisey is most pleased by the lack of fresh corpses around the Fools guild now. As a reward she has made some new items available to those who have shown themselves worthy.

Well, Colour Me Fiery!, posted on Wed Apr 5 16:49:47 2023
Posted by: Evensong
Category: General
Maisey Bent has continued to find ways to improve the Fools Guild. Working on suggestions from the Fools she has talked to she has negotiated with the alchemists and has managed to secure some peculiar substances that burn with different colours.

Discworlds elemental forces have also caught up with recent events and wetness and foolish fireballs will now work more realistically together.

Assay, Assay, Assay!, posted on Tue Apr 4 16:48:53 2023
Posted by: Evensong
Category: General
Maisey Bent is already complaining about having to tidy away charred corpses of Fools. To avoid this happening so often she has devised a method of determining how powerful a fuel is without having to put it in your mouth and set fire to it.

She has also restricted sales of some of her items to those who have proven they know how to use said items safely[1].

[1] well, wisely[2]

[2] no, sensibly....argh! You know what I mean!

Fools Fail To Accept That They Are A Joke Guild, posted on Mon Apr 3 22:36:09 2023
Posted by: Evensong
Category: General
Having heard that the Fools' Guild was a joke, Maisey Bent has taken a break from her travels to see what she can do to help out around the guild.

She has just arrived and doesn't know how best to assist but we're sure that she will find her feet in the next few days.

In the meantime please say hello and make her feel a home.

Foolish Upgrades, posted on Sat Apr 1 09:53:42 2023
Posted by: Pit
Category: Guilds
For the 4th year anniversary of the Fools' Guild, its primary guild command has received some upgrades.

Most importantly, the skillchecks for juggling multiple and non-round objects have been increased, and it is now more likely that you will kill yourself if you're going to juggle knives or other sharp objects.

Happy juggling!

P.S. Okay, okay, we also added some new juggling patterns. Go ask Auguste to teach you.



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