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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Language Relief, posted on Sun Apr 29 04:19:27 2012
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
Kompt de Yoyo in the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins will now teach languages to non-assassins for a small fee.

The ritual "relief" does not damage the performer any more and it no longer generates GP from the ether.

Instead a percentage of the performer's available faith GP is transferred to the target.

Wands, posted on Sun Apr 15 02:56:40 2012
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
Some changes to wands:

All offensive wands now have a skillcheck between the zapper and victim.

Balsa wands should backfire less.

The wand of striking can now be used to break stasis spheres (either with the zap or shatter commands).

Small Guilds Changes, posted on Tue Apr 10 01:36:44 2012
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
There are some new options relating to coming back to life with the raise dead and resurrect rituals. "options auto death" can be used to allow for automatic approval of raise dead and resurrect.

If you have these options turned off and need a resurrect you can enable single players to perform the rituals on you with the new syntax of the "permit" command, which means that you do not have to allow them access to your corpse.

Witches can now mock the playing of and serenading with musical instrum...

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Emotional Conversation, posted on Fri Apr 6 14:41:43 2012
Posted by: Woom
Category: Special
When "converse"ing, prepending the text you send with a ":" will now emote/remote that text instead of saying/telling it. As long as you know how to emote/remote, of course.

By Request, posted on Sun Apr 1 22:50:16 2012
Posted by: Woom
Category: Special
The inform "group-request" can now be set, allowing you to see when people place group requests.

Irradiant, posted on Sun Apr 1 22:07:45 2012
Posted by: Borealis
Category: Am (domain pages)
Radiation has been detected in the cellar of a mansion in Ankh-Morpork. Caution is advised!

Safecracking Returns., posted on Sun Apr 1 11:30:30 2012
Posted by: Tavish
Category: Guilds
Kordane is once again willing to teach thieves with sufficient skill the arts of safecracking. The new crack command works with the new safes that can be found in various locations around the Disc. Most of the safes are hidden and some are well protected, so you'll need to be vigilant.

Any items removed from a safe will count as theft and dealt with in the usual manner appropriate to the location (items being retrieved that you placed in the safe yourself being exempt).

A number of new crac...

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