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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Sad Dragons., posted on Fri Mar 5 19:29:06 2021
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Am (domain pages)
The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons has become concerned about the number of dragons being abandoned around the Disc without their owners.

Swamp dragons appear to also be saddened by being abandoned - they have recently been spotted wandering around looking for affection from their absentee owners.

P.S. Another change to swamp dragons will be coming in the next few days, which will make them actually do something vaguely useful.

Dead Letter Update, Part II, posted on Sun Apr 5 16:57:26 2020
Posted by: Fran
Category: Am (domain pages)
Hello all!

I have made a small tweak to the new dead letter missions. The two "only the city" letters are now a little bit easier and correspondingly pay a slightly lower reward.



Dead Letter Update, posted on Thu Mar 5 15:58:21 2020
Posted by: Fran
Category: Am (domain pages)
Hello all!

The dead letter office delivery missions have been heavily reworked. They are now better balanced across the guilds and pay rewards that are consistent with the mission system. Overall, this means that they will give less XP, but on the upside, there are more of them so you will not run into the repetition timer quite so quickly!

It is possible that the missions and rewards will be tweaked a bit more in the weeks to come (but this could go in either direction).

Fran & Pit.

An Update To Really Difficult Letter Deliveries., posted on Sat Dec 8 11:43:23 2018
Posted by: Pit
Category: Am (domain pages)
Frank, the Semior Postman in charge of the dead letter office, has changed the policies in regard to difficult customers somewhat.

He will now allow for much less time to deliver these letters, and also give a lesser reward. He hopes that this will allow a greater variety of post office epmloyees to try their hand at hunting down these difficult addresees.


Musical Mishaps, posted on Sat Sep 29 16:56:45 2018
Posted by: Feanor
Category: Am (domain pages)
A prominent Musicians' Guild's member's attempt to write a song regarding her recent love experience went awry when the notes flew off the paper and took shape as Jolene. The musician is said to have secluded to Genua to avoid bumping into the walking reminder.

Sausage Balancing, posted on Wed Aug 22 02:13:27 2018
Posted by: Capita
Category: Am (domain pages)
The sausage market has become saturated with certain varieties of sausage, leading Sam Slager to lower his payments for those types.

(The spawn rate of the Klatch terrains was higher than expected, so the missions requiring animals from there were too easy for the reward. After collecting data on how long missions were taking for a few weeks, I've lowered the values for those animals a little.)

, posted on Fri Jul 6 13:39:10 2018
Posted by: Kesh
Category: Am (domain pages)
For the flooring-inclined, Jerry Jones in Sto Lat is stocking a few new woods.

Son Of A Rat, posted on Tue Jan 16 20:16:04 2018
Posted by: Capita
Category: Am (domain pages)
The Kart Kill Kafe on the Soake now has a new patron, Noelle Ratson.

Well I Was In The Neighbourhood, posted on Fri Nov 3 20:36:46 2017
Posted by: Thoreksken
Category: Am (domain pages)
Well I Was In The Neighbourhood and noticed an Ankh-Morpork Architect has come out of retirement to renovate part of Water Street.

Sausage Delivery, posted on Sun Jul 16 19:50:38 2017
Posted by: Capita
Category: Am (domain pages)
Sam Slager, owner of the Long Hogmeat sausage shop, has been flooded with requests for strange and exotic sausages recently. He is hiring temporary help.



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