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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Recharging, posted on Thu Jun 24 15:08:07 2010
Posted by: Carmine
Category: Guilds

To bring it in line with other actions requiring components, attempting to recharge something wizardly has changed! Now, if you attempt to recharge something and don't have enough power in your source substance, the substance will not be consumed and the guildpoints will not be used.

New Spell Discovered, posted on Fri Jun 18 01:44:02 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds

The Librarian has discovered a new spell, Pragi's Molten Gaze, hidden in a notebook found in a pocket of L-space. He has carefully coaxed it out and it has now taken up residence in the tome of "Begynners' Magick".

To make room for this newly discovered spell, Finneblaugh's Thaumic Float has been moved from the beginners' tome into "Invoakatyons in thee Mysterie of Wynd". As it is now knocking around with the big scary spells, it decided to toughen up and add an extra stage to itself.

Bugfixing Tweaks, posted on Wed Jun 9 05:11:35 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
There have been some minor changes that may be of interest:

* A general use storage locker has been added to the ninja poison lab.

* There is now a random chance that stronger bugs (of different types) will fight and chase off weaker bugs when recasting the insect shield created with Mama Kolydina's Instant Infestation.

* Rolling pins and frying pans can now be used as weapons.

* Fruitbats can now wear magic crystals.

* The quests command now can list uncompleted/completed quests by area.

Transient Atmospheric Phenomenon, posted on Sun May 9 00:11:32 2010
Posted by: Kake
Category: Guilds
Several changes have been made to carrier clouds:

* Your own cloud can now be referred to as "my cloud", and it can also be politely asked to do things if you prefer that to ordering it around.

* Clouds will now take account of their owner's "options auto give" settings when deciding whom to accept items from (though they will always accept items from their owner).

* The size of a cloud now gives some indication of its strength.

* A bug with asking clouds to drop/return items has been fixed.

* A...

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Chrenedict's Calcareous Covering, posted on Sat May 8 02:45:55 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
Some bugs have been fixed with the spell Chrenedict's Calcareous Covering where repeated casting with low skills added more layers of the chalk skin than was appropriate.

Also, the messages should now better reflect the number of new layers applied

Heavy Messing, posted on Fri May 7 19:46:54 2010
Posted by: Kake
Category: Guilds
In a response to mounting tensions among local guild officials, the Genuan Smugglers' Guild recently employed a Morporkian craftsman to install a shower cubicle for visiting members to wash away the dirt from the somewhat insalubrious journey necessary to get there.

Apparently the atmosphere inside the Guild has much improved since.

Guilds Minor Tweaks, posted on Fri May 7 05:59:14 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
This past bugfixing weekend the guilds domain made several small changes that may be of interest:

* Scorpion poison sacs can now be used to produce the "spider venom" poison, but are slightly weaker than spider poison glands.

* The embroidery shop in the AM Assassins' Guild now sells patterns and threads.

* A bug with crawling while following someone performing divine hand was fixed.

* A bug was fixed with the hold/worn check for divine guard and held shields should now work with it properly.

* ...

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Steal, Snatch And Filch., posted on Sat Apr 10 01:26:55 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
Steal, snatch and filch have had some minor changes to their messages and all three commands now use the same method of determining the modifier for the skillcheck based on value. Also, you will no longer be told of everything inside a container that you steal when you steal it.

Shoplifting, posted on Thu Mar 4 23:55:38 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
The difficulty in shoplifting some items should now better reflect the cost of the item as seen when listing.

This will most likely affect items sold in containers and the difficulty for shoplifting most other items should be unchanged.

Tweaks To Priestly Minions, posted on Tue Feb 16 05:08:16 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
I have made some further changes to the way that priest summons work:

* All summoned minions are now accurately counted when determining the difficulty of summoning another.

* Some types of minions will take advantage of lapses in attention to try to escape or seek vengeance.

-- Turvity



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