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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Remembering Places, posted on Mon Sep 19 22:13:04 2016
Posted by: Pit
Category: Guilds
As previously announced on the boards, an additional weight check has been added to divine hand.

This concerns only items with a weight below 1/9 of a pound. For these, the lighter an object, the harder it is to use remember place on.

To support moving from a heavy collection to a lighter-weight one, a ritual "Modify Memento" is available to priests of all gods.

P.S. Existing items with remember places are not affected at the moment. However, to be fair to younger priests who do not already ...

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Charming Bracelets, posted on Mon Sep 19 20:43:40 2016
Posted by: Pit
Category: General
Jewellery lovers may find their charm bracelets a little easier to store now: the bracelets count only as a single item towards item limits, regardless of any charms on them.

P.S. You may need to SU (with the bracelet in your inventory) for this to take effect.

Some Default Colours, posted on Mon Sep 19 15:37:00 2016
Posted by: Pit
Category: Mudlib
In order to help newbies distinguish playernames from surnames/titles/NPCs, the colour options for playername and groupmember now have a default value set (other than "none").

This may also affect the colours for existing players who had not manually set these options before.

If you want to get back to your previous colour settings, just use "options colour playername = none" nad "options colour groupmember = none". :)

Making Souvenirs, posted on Sat Aug 13 17:57:36 2016
Posted by: Feanor
Category: Am (domain pages)
Tourists around Ankh-Morpork were seen strutting in novelty t-shirts and gazing at snowglobes. Worried citizens expressed concern regarding a possible Reaper Man reenactment, prompting the city watch to investigate. The patrol report states the cause is a newly opened souvenir shop by the Least Gate, and Sgt. Littlebottom of the forensics department wishes to assure the public of the benign nature of the snowglobes.

Mano Rossa Tweaks, posted on Sat Aug 13 13:46:33 2016
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds
As per discussions with various members of the Mano Rossa guild, we've changed the name of their AGMs and updated their offices to reflect their new distinct titles.

We have also added a (relatively) safe room to the Mano Rossa guild, similar to the AM book room. Be warned that if you are considered Persona Non Grata by the Mano Rossa there are likely to be consequences to invading their personal space.

Initial Weight Changes, posted on Wed Jul 20 22:31:16 2016
Posted by: Pit
Category: General
Some players may have noticed a sudden drop in their burden. This is because many low-weight items like rings and charms have had their weight decreased in the last two weeks. Correspondingly, papers have had their weight increased, and tearing books from papers now actually affects their weight.

Berraja on Okra Avenue (Genua) has celebrated the occasion by adding a few new charms to her stock.

P.S. Many items remain whose weight will likely need adjusting. If you have such an item, and its weig...

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Wizardly Woes, posted on Sun Jul 3 03:55:21 2016
Posted by: Borealis
Category: Guilds
Senior Wizard elections will now be called only when the incumbent idles out of position, resigns, or is removed by a vote of no-confidence.

Container And Furniture Fullness, posted on Thu Jun 30 09:06:33 2016
Posted by: Borealis
Category: Special
We discovered last night that some containers were incorrectly reporting how full they were, specfically containers over 100% full were reporting as if they were practically empty.

Containers that are over 100% full will start showing as over-full as the update propogates through the system, and particularly after the next reboot.

If a container is shown as being in excess of 100% full, you should be aware that you may not be able to return to the container any items that you remove from it. T...

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Changing Sizes, posted on Thu Jun 16 23:11:35 2016
Posted by: Pit
Category: Mudlib
A few items in Discworld do not explicitly have dimensions. These items are assigned a default length and width on creation.

The way in which this default is calculated has changed a bit. As a result, some items may now be slightly larger.

If you believe that the dimensions of an item are wrong (in particular if it has changed, and is square), please bugreport the item in question!

P.S. For most items, this will only take effect after the next reboot.

Couture-al Change, posted on Thu Jun 16 21:41:44 2016
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds
Some changes have been made to Gapp's personal shopper. As such, Gappic followers/priests will notice some cosmetic changes to various things that depended on current fashion.

As a part of this, Gapp's passage room has been rewritten. You will need to adjust any aliases you might have for exiting :)

There will likely be some further cosmetic changes in the near future.

In particular, if you spot anything that used to change according to fashion, and it now does not do so, please let me know by ...

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