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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Horses, posted on Tue Apr 1 01:27:54 2014
Posted by: Woom
Category: Special
We are pleased to announced that horses, after years in what can only be called development hell, have been given the attention they deserve.

For the time being you can have a go at them by visiting M'Bu, an enterprising young man who has set up store in Calh-Nhad, but in the future availability will spread.

Have fnu!


Logon / Player Shops, posted on Wed Mar 19 03:44:53 2014
Posted by: Borealis
Category: Special
Those who have dealings with player shops may notice a new logon notification telling them which shops have royalties for them.

Edit: In slightly related news, bank master and franchise counters now show deposit fee percentages when looking at the counter.


Age Is Refreshing, posted on Fri Feb 14 17:21:20 2014
Posted by: Tof
Category: Special
The 'age' command, performed on oneself, now also gives the time of your last refresh (if you've refreshed at all).

(This is what the age-related achievements count as your login date.)

Who New?, posted on Fri Jan 10 21:24:41 2014
Posted by: Tof
Category: Special
The 'who' command (and its brief cousin 'qwho') have had some new options added. See 'help who' for all of its new powers.

Goldsmithing, posted on Sat Jan 4 08:04:26 2014
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Special
In order for future developments to go ahead, several changes to goldsmithing (forging items in the Sto Lat Wizards' Guild) have been made.

These are:

- sculpting must now be done with the aid of a pattern book

- sculpting now uses the skill crafts.arts.sculpture for all items rather than one of two skills ( or cr.smithing.silver - these are still used in the forging of items), the bonuses needed for each pattern has been lowered to compensate

- items will only be damaged when s...

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Communication History, posted on Sun Nov 17 20:51:13 2013
Posted by: Pit
Category: Am (domain pages), Cwc (domain pages), Developers, Fluffos (domain pages), Forn (domain pages), Guilds, Klatch (domain pages), Learning (domain pages), Liaison (domain pages), Playtesters (domain pages), Ram (domain pages), Special, Sur, Underworld and Waterways (domain pages)
Those whose memory fails them on occasion will be pleased to know that the functionality of the history commands "htell" and "hsoul" has been extended:

* hsoul now also includes emotes, and has an option to filter only player souls

* a new command hsay captures all says, saytos, whispers and so on

* a new command hcomm combines the communication from htell, hsoul and hsay


Climbing With Care, posted on Fri Aug 23 09:17:30 2013
Posted by: Tof
Category: Special
The 'climb' command has been tweaked so that 'climb assess' will now give more useful and accurate feedback. That is, the difficulty levels reported now correspond to roughly how difficult the climb will be.

The difficulty of any climbing anywhere has not been changed. Just the judgement of that difficulty one gets using 'climb assess'.

Tweaking The Flux Capacitor, posted on Sun Jun 16 23:28:31 2013
Posted by: Tof
Category: Special
A new "temporal reality" option has been added under options output.

This will let you change whether NPCs give durations in Discworld or Roundworld hours. The default for everyone is Roundworld hours.

Remember that 1 Roundworld hour is approximately 3 Discworld hours.

With the rather fluid nature of Time on the Disc some NPCs may take a few hours (of their choice) before they pay attention to your preferences. If after a couple of days they're still not giving times as they ought, pleas...

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Where Am I?, posted on Tue May 28 10:15:40 2013
Posted by: Kirves
Category: Special
The paper maps that players can use to find out where they are have been redone quite a bit. They now have the potential to be far more accurate whereas before it didn't matter how much skill a player had, they just weren't accurate. Additionally, different maps will be easier to use than others depending on the area covered by the maps and how detailed they are.

A new feature is that the locations you add to them can now be erased. To do this you need to use the appropriate items of course. Ano...

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Roleplaying Command, posted on Sun Dec 23 01:33:16 2012
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Special
A new command to help roleplayers find each other for RP has been added, called "roleplaying".

With it you can set an action and your location on the Disc to allow others to find you for RP scenarios.

Those who have set a roleplaying location will also show up in "who roleplayers".



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