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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Mazda Needs Money, posted on Tue Apr 12 16:07:06 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: Guilds
Dear thieves,

A couple of achievements have been adjusted to make them be more about persistent acts of thievery and less about staying logged in for unhealthy amounts of time. Specifically, the requirement for reaching the top of the leaderboard a number of times has been removed from Thief Extraordinaire and Mazda's Hero. Instead, they now require you to pay A$96000 and A$256000 towards your quota.

If you have already reached one or both of these totals but "ach details <achievement>" s...

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Synchronize Your Dogmas, posted on Mon Mar 21 17:18:34 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: Guilds
The ritual "detect alignment" is now granted to priests of all player-worshippable deities, and the skill requirement for learning it has been standardised between them.

Of Course I Still Love You, posted on Sun Mar 13 16:35:31 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
- Shopkeepers in Genua will now no longer attack you for saying "you" or nodding at them. (This was a bug, totally unintentional, and should not have been happening.)

- The cakes sold at the AM wedding shop now stay fresh for longer than a couple of hours. The shop also now sells a selection of cake knives.

- A new warrior-only title-granting achievement has been added: Bloodspattered.

- The requirements for the Morporkian Carriages achievements (Bouncy Seat, Bussed It, Street Rider, and Rou...

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Dressed Up To Party, posted on Sat Feb 26 18:55:04 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
- It’s now possible to create a no-theft league by using the syntax "league create <name> without theft". Please note that if two members are also in another league that does allow theft, then they can still steal from each other, since league permissions are defined by the most permissive league.

- Fingerless gloves no longer prevent you from having a manicure or viewing your fingernails. However, they will also no longer protect your fingernails from combat damage.

- Some of the pets from...

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Pelagian, posted on Mon Feb 7 20:11:47 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: Cwc (domain pages)
In celebration of the recent Lunar New Year, the authorities, citizens and underworld denizens of Bes Pelargic have been doing some soul-searching and self-improvement. Lots of minor things have been fixed here and there, but here's a summary of the ones that you are most likely to notice:

- The plants sold at the Phoenix Avenue plant shop are now placeable as furniture, and have also been made lighter to allow you to put them on tables if that suits your aesthetic better.

- One Tender Tulip...

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Hidden Income, posted on Sun Jan 16 12:16:24 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: Forn (domain pages)
Two previously non-crackable safes in Genua are now crackable. Please note that the NPCs in these rooms are not just there for decoration.

Relatedly, the guards in Genua harbour who carry iron chains are now a bit more aware of the most effective way to use them. If you had been relying on their previous (buggy) behaviour, you may now find them harder to kill.

Qualifier, posted on Sun Jan 9 13:55:39 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: Special
The quest listings page on the website has been updated to allow you to split the listings into completed and uncompleted quests.

Relatedly, the quest command in the MUD, when invoked as "quest list all" or "quest list <area>" now defaults to dividing the list into completed and uncompleted. If you want the old behaviour, you can get it by using the syntax "quest list interleaved all" or "quest list interleaved <area>".

Peace Makes Plenty, posted on Wed Dec 22 15:12:46 2021
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
A couple of new pottery items have been added to the Sto Lat and Cockbill Street pottery wheels.

Mr Vitiolo at the Brookless Street calligraphy shop has expanded his range of rare inks to include a handful of new colours themed around swamp dragons.

Cade l'Insignateur in Genua now offers shield badges in addition to his other shapes.

Jaqu Alufe, also in Genua, has persuaded his sapient pearwood rings to accept engraving.

The jewellery boxes sold at Silver Bells Silversmiths in Genua will now...

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You Call This Clean?, posted on Fri Dec 10 17:25:24 2021
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
Pet brushes are now more effective at getting muck out of the fur of the pets sold in Sto Lat. If you find a type of muck that can't be brushed out, and you think it should be, please make a bugrep with a log showing what the pet looks like with its muck on.

Keys and keyrings have been made lighter. This should not affect the difficulty of stealing them, but it will make it slightly harder to perform remember place on them.

In Xa Tain in Hong Fa has turned her printing machine off and on again,...

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A Series Of Unlikely Explanations, posted on Mon Dec 6 11:02:53 2021
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
Many, many new achievements have been added (see ach list new). Also:

A bug in the All Together Now Achievement has been fixed, so it should now actually be achieveable.

Poisonings from the spiders in Shelox's lair now count towards the Your Pain, Their Thrill achievement.

The descriptions of how to attain applique-related crafting achievements have been clarified.

(Kake posting on behalf of Caw, Feanor, Fran, and Kake)



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