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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Teaching Doesn't Include Math!, posted on Sat Sep 17 18:26:24 2011
Posted by: Epic
Category: Special
The teach command should now be easier to use. Two things have changed.

a, You can now check 'teach bonus primaries'

b, There is a new syntax available: teach skill to level n, teaching you up to a certain level. If you have insufficient xp it will offer you however many levels you can afford.

Ignore This Post, posted on Sun Aug 28 01:10:47 2011
Posted by: Presto
Category: Special
If you ignore someone and give a reason, and you really want them to know

what the reason is, you can now let them know.

Set options personal ignore_explain to "on" and when they someone you are

ignoring tries to tell you something, they will be told why you are

ignoring them.

Completely independent of the new option; if you are ignoring someone for a

period of time, they will be told how much time is left if they try to send

you a tell.

Words Of Wisdom, posted on Sun Jul 3 17:32:32 2011
Posted by: Trilogy
Category: Special
There has been a heated discussion about the style of debate amongst philosophers during the past few months. The result is an Epic change to the command. Please see "help debate" for details.

Backstab Bugfix, posted on Wed Apr 27 15:35:39 2011
Posted by: Trilogy
Category: Special
Backstab was fixed to only recognize commands that players actually know when calculating the amount of possible backstab hits (before skill checks and caps). Ie if a weapon has slice and behead, backstab users would previously get two hits with it even though they didn't have access to behead.

Skill checks and caps remain unchanged. Further tweaking may occur.

Changes To Special Attacks, posted on Tue Mar 29 00:42:10 2011
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
For several reasons, the relationship between special attacks and weapon data has been changed.

Changes you may notice:

* The difficulty calculation for preparing specials has been changed to be based on the damage the weapon does, rather than on its weight versus your dexterity. This means that some weapons are harder and some are easier, but all are compared on the same scale.

* Specials now have a calculation determining the chances of actually landing them, making them less accurate than...

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Editorial Assistance, posted on Mon Mar 28 00:58:37 2011
Posted by: Presto
Category: Special
Those of you who use the Magic editor in-game (you know who you are) will find the help files have been significantly expanded.

Those of you who don't use the Magic editor in-game (you don't know who you are) would find the help files have been significantly expanded, but you can't.

New Map Options, posted on Sat Mar 5 19:54:45 2011
Posted by: Wodan
Category: Special
There are now two new options for maps

options output map mxp

turns on or off clickable mxp links in the map (makes you walk to that room)

options output map reversecolour

turns on or off reverse map colours (needed in some clients as they use the same colour for all links)

It seems you need to turn those on before you can turn them off (even if they're already on!) this is being looked at.

New Command, posted on Mon Feb 21 04:25:40 2011
Posted by: Presto
Category: Special
There is a simple new command called "contents" that shows the just the contents of a container without having to look at it. Credit to Yennefer for the idea report... er, 6 years ago. Although she hasn't been on in 4 years either. Anyway.

Furniture Fixes, posted on Tue Feb 8 06:48:52 2011
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
A few general fixes to furniture:

* Umbrella stands should now actually be able to hold umbrellas

* Small items that can be placed in your house (e.g. bowls and trophies)

should no longer claim that they're too heavy placed on other furniture.

* Wind chimes now respond to wind levels when placed in outside rooms like


A few new furnitures have also been added to various shops, mostly niche items.

Judge Should Now Lie Less, posted on Mon Jan 10 03:58:33 2011
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
Judge has been reworked somewhat to be more accurate in its results. Additionally, it should now take into account your skill with the weapon at hand when determining how effective it is.



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