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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Ritual Bug Fixes, posted on Sun Feb 14 00:05:18 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
A good number of bugs on rituals have been fixed.

* Major shield and Security Blanket now display whether a particular

performance strengthened, weakened or merely extended them.

* Security Blanket now displays duration in 'shields'

* Relief wards now transfer GPs from the thief to the victim, rather

than vice versa.

* It is harder to perform rituals on people who are in staunchly

atheistic places.

* Searing touch now, well, works.

* Dust devils have greater than 0 levels in their fightin...

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Lightning Spells, posted on Sun Feb 7 22:10:50 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
The spells Journey of the Heavenly Storm Dragon and Nargl'frob's Empyrean Spear will soon[1] be changing to use the same method to determine whether to backfire as a result of holding certain objects.

Currently Spear will backfire if the caster is holding an object that does a pierce or sharp attack, this includes wooden objects such as wooden javelins and other non-metal items like quills. Storm Dragon currently backfires if any metal object is held. This is confusing since both spells essentia...

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Quests Command, posted on Mon Feb 1 07:16:33 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Special
You can now use the "quests" command to get hints and solutions to quests in a way similar to the webpage.

Royal Art Museum, posted on Sun Jan 24 04:43:29 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Am (domain pages)

Sir Reynold Stitched is pleased to announce the opening of the Royal Art

Museum of Ankh-Morpork on Lower Broadway. The museum boasts galleries of

fine paintings, sculptures, tapestries and other artworks including just

the one[1] gallery dedicated to modern art. The exhibition gallery can

be found upstairs and will feature different works every few months.

Sir Reynold would also like it known that the museum features a citizens'

gallery that can be used to display handicrafts by members of th...

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Thieves' Guild Licences, posted on Sun Nov 8 02:42:52 2009
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
Thieves can now get wearable licences from Elusive Ron. Only the higher level licences have this option, and you can choose for it to be worn as a badge or as a necklace. (say I'd like a special necklace licence please)

You can still get the special licences in non-wearable form by asking for them as you usually would. All commands can be used with necklace licences while worn, but badge licences have some limitations for commands involving reading.

New Word Game, posted on Sat Oct 17 07:25:22 2009
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Special
A new word game called quick categories, has been added to the games shop in AM.

It is a 2-4 player game based on listing words in DW categories, but potential is there to add your own categories.

It also counts towards the word game achievements.

Smokebombs Changed, posted on Sat Oct 10 11:06:53 2009
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
Smokebombs have been changed to allow three poisons (in addition to the smoke) to be dispersed in gas form. They are GP sapping, hallucinogen and spider venom poisons. To be useable with bombs, they simply need to be added to smokebomb mixture.

The bombs now need to have a fuse inserted before they can be sealed and used (available in the appropriate places in the AM and ninja guilds). They can also be thrown at targets, among other changes.

Old bombs that are sealed should be automatically con...

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Godly Furniture, posted on Mon Oct 5 01:42:58 2009
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
To redress an imbalance between the gods, several new items of furniture can be found in the furniture shop in the Temple of Small Gods.

Fluffs to Woom for adding a special feature to the maze artwork.

Component Pouches Used With Rituals, posted on Mon Aug 31 11:33:49 2009
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
Rituals will now take into account containers identified as "component pouch" and will take out components (including symbols, beads etc) automatically.

More complex components, such as the alcohol used in visit, will not work this way.

Finding Remembered Places, posted on Tue Aug 11 00:11:57 2009
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
The find ritual can now be used on items remembering places to show the direction of the remembered place.



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