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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Packing Heat, posted on Thu Jan 7 18:36:50 2021
Posted by: Capita
Category: Special
There have been some changes to hunter's packs.

Hogswatch Needs You!, posted on Thu Dec 24 18:17:09 2020
Posted by: Capita
Category: Sur
In their quest for civic festivities, the citizens of Sto Lat accidentally imported a sapient pine tree from the Forest of Skund. Don't worry! It will be completely safe unless anyone does anything stupid like poke it repeatedly.

The Zombies Are Here, posted on Sat Oct 31 00:00:46 2020
Posted by: Capita
Category: Special
The zombie bacterium event has started! It will run for the next 24 hours and end at midnight server time.

Under the new opt-in system:

Zombie NPCs will only attempt to bite opted-in players.

Zombie players can only bite opted-in players.

Soothing Rain must be performed by an opted-in player to cure zombies.

"who survivors" and "who infected" will only show opted-in players.

The command to opt-in is "zombies opt-in".


The Zombies Are Coming, posted on Mon Oct 26 05:42:07 2020
Posted by: Capita
Category: Special
The zombie bacterium event will happen again on October 31, Saturday! If you missed the last one, now's your chance to bite some survivors and/or purify some zombies.

However, this time the event will be opt-in: you will have to type a command to join. This means that if you do not want to participate in the event, you can completely ignore it.

More details will be announced on the 31st.

Polished, posted on Fri Oct 2 07:14:35 2020
Posted by: Capita
Category: Ram (domain pages)
Borst Besensteel now accepts orders for broom polish.

(Note: Ordering through the order command gets you polish, while ordering through speaking still gets you a custom broom as before.)

Panning Out, posted on Tue Jun 23 11:48:06 2020
Posted by: Capita
Category: Ram (domain pages)
After a recent earthquake in the Copperhead Mountains, the amount of purple mineral powder found in mines has increased.

Major Sacrifice, posted on Wed May 6 12:02:28 2020
Posted by: Capita
Category: Klatch (domain pages)
Divine shielding granted by the sacrificial altars in Ephebe was far more powerful than originally intended. These therefore no longer grant a shield as a reward if you already have one active. This means that while you can still receive an extremely powerful shield of the same strength as before, its duration will be limited. You cannot now stack major/minor shield on yourself and use a sacrifice to strengthen it.

Z-Bacterium Epidemic, posted on Thu Apr 2 12:48:10 2020
Posted by: Capita
Category: Special
Reports have just come in about the outbreak of the terrifying z-bacterium that happened yesterday. Authorities claim that it is "all under control" and "not to worry". The arch-chancellor of the Unseen University has loudly disclaimed any responsibility, but comments that "Really, I'm sure people can deal with such a little thing, I don't see why you're bothering me about this. When's lunch?"

A More Difficult Treasure Hunt, posted on Mon Mar 9 03:59:15 2020
Posted by: Capita
Category: Waterways (domain pages)
Brownbeard's treasure should now be a little harder to find.

Hubland Bears, posted on Fri Dec 13 14:20:29 2019
Posted by: Capita
Category: Ram (domain pages)
Stephan, the Mad Wolf furrier, has run out of hubland bear fur (for some reason, nobody supplies the stuff any more). On the bright side, there are plenty of hubland bears to be found at the Hub!



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