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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Caught Them All Again Again, posted on Fri Apr 8 08:08:08 2022
Posted by: Capita
Category: Special
Professor Shrub's imps have all been put on the incinerator again, thanks to the adventurers that helped capture them.

Magical Experiment Goes Wrong Again Again, Again, posted on Fri Apr 1 00:04:00 2022
Posted by: Capita
Category: Special
Another magical experiment by the Bes Pelargic wizards has gone wrong. Your intrepid reporter isolated the head researcher responsible for the accident for an exclusive interview.

Q: Are camels -

A: You again!

The interview ended at this point. However, the head researcher is available in the Bes Pelargic wizards' guild again for further questions.

Pack Saddle Fixes, posted on Sun Feb 13 16:49:43 2022
Posted by: Capita
Category: Special
Fixed a bug allowing horses to temporarily carry infinite amounts of weight. There is now a soft cap of 100% burden where you won't be able to put any more items on and a hard cap of 150% burden which can't be exceeded.

Fixed a bug that was making the item limit on pack saddles not work. Previously, you could put more than 10 items on the pack saddle but the horse would fumble the extra; now you just can't put any more on when you reach 10.

Fixed a bug that allowed putting continuous items li...

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Qualifier, posted on Sun Jan 9 13:55:39 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: Special
The quest listings page on the website has been updated to allow you to split the listings into completed and uncompleted quests.

Relatedly, the quest command in the MUD, when invoked as "quest list all" or "quest list <area>" now defaults to dividing the list into completed and uncompleted. If you want the old behaviour, you can get it by using the syntax "quest list interleaved all" or "quest list interleaved <area>".

Engraving, posted on Sat Dec 11 14:53:13 2021
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: Special
You can now engrave on quite a few more materials than you used to be able to.

What's In A Name? Part II, posted on Wed Dec 8 15:37:05 2021
Posted by: Fran
Category: Special
You may now claim identifiers that someone else set if you have possession of the object:

> identify claim <object>

For shoppers who want to claim the identifiers in their newly purchased p-shop goods:

> identify claim <container>, all in <container>


Horse Armour, posted on Sat Dec 4 10:21:59 2021
Posted by: Capita
Category: Special
One-third of knights on the roads will now have a horse, wearing some interesting new gear.

Horseshoes now act as armour for horses' hooves, which also means they will get damaged in combat.

Horse (and camel) zones have been tweaked so that attacks target the legs less of the time.

What's In A Name?, posted on Thu Sep 16 18:20:31 2021
Posted by: Fran
Category: Special
I have changed how the identify command works. Items you identify will now only lose their identity when someone uses the identify command again or the unidentify command. This means that identities won't be lost if you give an item to a cloud, bat or horse nor if another player handles the item.

Note that other players can overwrite or unidentify items, so only hand over your precious items to people that you trust.

Also note that identifiers used to leak to other players when an item was so...

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Exciting Woodwork Changes, posted on Thu May 20 13:37:58 2021
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: Special and Cwc (domain pages)
I have a collection of upgrapes and interesting things for you!

* Rivings can now be sawn into shorter lengths, in units of one foot. You'll find a saw available wherever rivings are sold.

* Rivings are now region-dependent, ie. you can find different kinds of wood for sale in different areas.

* Two new woodworking pattern books have been added. You can find one in Agatea and one in Uberwald, both in shops selling woodworking supplies.

Two Random Updates..., posted on Fri Apr 16 05:05:00 2021
Posted by: Presto
Category: Special
Hello! A couple of updates to note:

1. The 'draw' command has been updated, and the syntax is a little different. This mostly affects drawing multiple weapons at the same time, but whether it affects you or not depends on your "options input andascomma" setting. Bottom line is if you used to use something like "draw knife and dagger into left hand and right hand" and it doesn't work now, try "draw knife,dagger into left hand and right hand".

2. Clocks and watches have been updated so that gl...

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