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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Limivorous, posted on Wed Jun 16 15:58:18 2021
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
The coffee machines sold in Djelibeybi no longer inexplicably lose half their contents upon brewing. However, they are now slightly more picky about the ratio of beans to water.

In addition, you can now put milk and sugar in your coffee if you dislike it black. (Sadly sugar cubes won't work for this due to coding constraints - grind 'em up first.) Oh, and if you accidentally brew your coffee too strong, there is now a way to fix that.

Paint The Town Red. Or Green. Black, Perhaps?, posted on Tue Apr 13 15:47:46 2021
Posted by: Fran
Category: General
A bug with paint, causing it to forget the colour it had, has been fixed. If you bought paint in the last week and a bit it will be assigned a new random colour when it next reloads.

If you have some you really want set back to its original colour, ask me or another liaison for help.


Buggy Blocking, posted on Sat Mar 6 13:43:29 2021
Posted by: Fran
Category: General
I have fixed a bug affecting the cost of blocking with a shield. This was using the parry skill instead of the block skill. Low level block users in particular are likely to notice a difference.

Note: Most NPCs are unaffected but a few may now be improved. Approach at your own risk.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Changes To PK, posted on Wed Dec 23 15:04:35 2020
Posted by: Pit
Category: General
(The information in this blog post has largely been posted to the boards before,

but since the boards scroll fast we replicate it here.)

Hello everyone!

After many discussions we have decided to make some significant changes to the

way Playerkilling works in Discworld.

Most importantly at this moment:

* Assassins and wizards of the last order no longer have a PK requirement.

* Everyone is free to stop being PK using the command "clan leave".

However, if you do so you will not be allowed to ...

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Looking For Loot In All The Deads' Places, posted on Wed Dec 16 05:03:09 2020
Posted by: Presto
Category: General
1. You can now get items from containers in corpses (ie, "get thing from container in corpse").

2. While this was going on I noticed a bug where it was possible to use the "get thing out of corpse" syntax to get something without triggering wards. This has now been fixed. BE AWARE that this also applies to other ways of moving items out of corpses as well. For example, ordering your Creeping Doom to devour a corpse with a warded item will also trigger the ward.

Warning: A Fix To Over-full Vaults, posted on Fri Dec 4 22:52:19 2020
Posted by: Pit
Category: General

We have fixed a bug in vaults (and similar storage places like high priest wardrobes) which caused most of the checks on whether an item can be put in to be bypassed.

This bug not only led to rather curious situations like a complete elephant corpse fitting into a small drawer; more importantly, it also meant that people could put more items in than the MUD can load in one go -- potentially leading to items being quietly lost when the vault is opened again.

So, please be aware that if a va...

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A Brief History Lesson, posted on Fri Sep 25 14:05:23 2020
Posted by: Woom
Category: General
The "history" command has received two new syntaxen.

"history channels" will show you a list of the channels you currently have access to (talker channels and clubs, and, if you happen to be a newbie, newbiehelper or creator, the corresponding channels) that have a history to read. Useful if you just logged in and want to read everything you might have missed.

"history channels since last" does the same, but won't include channels that haven't had anything said on them since the last time you ...

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An Arm And A Leg, posted on Wed Aug 12 00:45:47 2020
Posted by: Presto
Category: General
You can now get bits from corpses (and bits from other bits) with swords, axes, and polearms. The part you're trying to get must be above a certain overall size, and it can't be an internal organ, a bone, or skin; so things like arms, legs, heads, etc. AND you can't be holding the corpse or bit; it has to be on the ground or some other surface.

Knives and daggers will continue to work as usual.

If you find a bit you think you should be able to get but can't, or CAN get but think you shouldn't...

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Giving To The Group, posted on Thu Jul 2 20:25:29 2020
Posted by: Presto
Category: General
There is now a 'groupaccept' option under 'options auto give' to control whether or not you will automatically accept things given to you by group members.

Hoods N' Visors, posted on Mon Jun 15 03:42:32 2020
Posted by: Presto
Category: General

There have been a couple small clothing and armour changes. First, all cloaks/robes/dresses that say they have a hood should now have a functioning hood. Use 'pull hood [on] <item> [forward]' and 'push hood [on] <item> [back]' to raise or lower the hood. Second, in the same vein, helmets that say the have a visor should now have a working visor. Use 'raise/lower visor on <helmet>' to move it.

I'm not sure I updated all occurrences, so if you find one of these that does not have a...

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