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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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PK Weekend 2020, posted on Sat May 30 18:26:02 2020
Posted by: Pit
Category: General
Hello everyone!

The annual PK weekend will take place on 6 and 7 June 2020. During this weekend, everyone can choose to be PK for a few days, and be back to normal afterwards.

This year's event will give you more control than the ones before. You will be able to permit specific people to fight with / steal from you, and also completely stop being PK before the end of the weekend. More details will follow closer to the time.

We ask all players who participate to keep the event fun. Griefing act...

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The Money Programme, posted on Wed Sep 25 05:31:01 2019
Posted by: Presto
Category: General
The 'rate' command now has an option to let you see how much the value of your money will be affected by the fee at a money changer. See 'help rate' for details.

Fixing Refractory Furniture., posted on Mon Jul 15 17:12:25 2019
Posted by: Fran
Category: General
We have fixed a bug that stopped us changing furniture after it had been bought.

The dimensions or capacity of some of your furniture might change if they were out of date. You may therefore not be able to fit everything back in that you take out.

If you notice any unusual behaviour, contact a liaison.

PK/NPK Playerhouse Lockpick Change, posted on Fri Apr 19 11:42:04 2019
Posted by: Ploosk
Category: General
I've made a change to how lockpicking works in regard to playerhousing.

If an NPK house has a PK allowed in it, it is now treated as a PK house for lockpicking purposes.

This doesn't change anything else - you still cannot loot phouses etc.

A Word Of Warning, posted on Fri Mar 22 23:51:03 2019
Posted by: Woom
Category: General

The messages about dropping stuff due to fumbling or fading strength are now coloured according to your "inventory" colour preference.



New Zmp/gmcp Data, posted on Wed May 9 14:26:57 2018
Posted by: Pit
Category: General

Those of you who like to develop plugins or enjoy fiddling with client features for their own benefit may want to look into the new zmp/gmcp features:

* new commands char.login and will be sent on character logins

* the mapping also includes whether a room is terrain or not

* Char.Vitals has been renamed to char.vitals and now also includes alignment

Full information regarding zmp and gmcp commands is available in help zmp / help gmcp.

Please note that while we will c...

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The New Get, posted on Fri Aug 4 18:02:38 2017
Posted by: Pit
Category: General
further updates to get


The get command has been further updated. Most importantly, there are now syntaxes to get a limited number of items from multiple containers, and it is possible to get an item that is too heavy to lift out of a container.


Dangerous Waters, posted on Sun Apr 2 15:12:19 2017
Posted by: Kirves
Category: General
Once upon a time, someone intended for attack actions in water to work at 1/3 the speed they do upon land. Due to a small miscalculation on their part, attack actions were instead made to work roughly 3 times faster than they did on land.

Unfortunately, this was not noticed for many a year until some players observed some crocodiles doing what they assumed was near impossible, namely killing them.

Interestingly enough, that is what the crocodiles should have been doing all along but with player...

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More Charming Bracelets, posted on Fri Dec 30 15:54:06 2016
Posted by: Capita
Category: General
The charm shops in Genua and Djelibeybi now sell a wider variety of charm bracelets.

Balancing Changes, posted on Fri Dec 9 19:54:28 2016
Posted by: Capita
Category: General
A jeweller's weighing balance was found in one of the dusty storerooms of the Academy of Artificers. It seems to use the obscure jeweller's unit "gems", or g, which coincidentally work out to exactly 1/450 of a pound. Since there was space in Master Weestone's workshop, it's been left in there until someone can figure out a better place to put it.



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