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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Holy Titles, posted on Fri Feb 12 22:32:19 2010
Posted by: Carmine
Category: Guilds

There have been some changes made to priest titles, with a whole selection of new guild titles and suchlike.

Retrophrenologists Getting Retrophrenologized!, posted on Fri Feb 12 17:04:06 2010
Posted by: Trilogy
Category: Special
We got the master retrophrenologist to adjust the bumps of the other retrophrenologists so now you don't have to wait 20 weeks in between switching stats anymore, but it'll cost you a pretty penny to have your head fiddled with sooner! Status quo has been maintained though, so if you do wait 20 weeks it'll cost the same as it did previously. It works on a sliding scale that involves the number of previous visits and the amount of days sooner they want it.

Retrophrenologists also handle rearran...

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NPC Name Change, posted on Fri Feb 12 10:39:30 2010
Posted by: Ptoink
Category: Forn (domain pages)
For tax purposes, Genua's Madame Delight is now trading as Madame Demain-Matin.



Hired Goons Going Cheap, posted on Thu Feb 11 22:34:31 2010
Posted by: Ptoink
Category: Forn (domain pages)
Due to budget constraints, our hired goons are having to wear cheaper

sunglasses these days. Furthermore, we don't have enough to go around,

so we ask that you show some courtesy and don't look into the eyes of

those guards without glasses.


The Gumboni Family

Leaders in contusion-based public relations

For all your gooning needs.

Slim Black Briefcase, posted on Thu Feb 11 21:01:43 2010
Posted by: Carmine
Category: Guilds

We've added a briefcase to the AM Assassin's post-graduate shop. It locks with a combination lock, and can hold a mini-inhumation kit.


Lightning Spells, posted on Sun Feb 7 22:10:50 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
The spells Journey of the Heavenly Storm Dragon and Nargl'frob's Empyrean Spear will soon[1] be changing to use the same method to determine whether to backfire as a result of holding certain objects.

Currently Spear will backfire if the caster is holding an object that does a pierce or sharp attack, this includes wooden objects such as wooden javelins and other non-metal items like quills. Storm Dragon currently backfires if any metal object is held. This is confusing since both spells essentia...

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Spell Components, posted on Sat Feb 6 10:04:20 2010
Posted by: Carmine
Category: Guilds
A bug was fixed with spells when casting with the "using" syntax meaning

that it should no longer be possible to cast a spell using components in

another player's inventory. As a side-effect of this, you may now only

use components in your room or in your own inventory. If you target a

component that is in a container of yours then it will attempt to take

the component out even if the container is not a component pouch.

Banishing Barrel Bugs, posted on Fri Feb 5 18:41:48 2010
Posted by: Pit
Category: Mudlib
Some bugs were fixed with barrels (the playerhouse furniture variant), which didn't save when they should and didn't have the right ownership checks before.

As a consequence, taking items from barrels in a playerhouse/-shop where you are not allowed will now be considered theft.

Syntax Syntax, posted on Thu Feb 4 15:39:32 2010
Posted by: Woom
Category: General
The "syntax" command has received a new syntax: "syntax <command> {brief|verbose}"

Using the "verbose" syntax will show you the syntaxes for the command, along with a brief explanation of what it does.

"syntax <command>" will use your verbose settings to determine whether the output will be brief or verbose. This can be toggled with the commands "brief" and "verbose".

There are still a lot of commands without syntax details, however our ambition is that eventually they'll all have them. If y...

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Quests Command, posted on Mon Feb 1 07:16:33 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Special
You can now use the "quests" command to get hints and solutions to quests in a way similar to the webpage.



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