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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Terminal Type Warning Message, posted on Sun Jul 12 19:17:20 2015
Posted by: Wodan
Category: Special
If you are getting the message:

Your terminal type is set to ansi, but your client says it can do better.

That is because your client says it supports the 256 colour mode.

For those who use ansi to get different standard colours from the default mxp ones, the

xterm256 setting will stop this message and still use those same colours.

New Editor Option, posted on Sun Jun 7 21:50:18 2015
Posted by: Wodan
Category: General
There is now a new option for the editor setting: web

this will give you a link to go to so you can edit the text on a web form

entering anything in the mud before you save from the web page will cancel the editor

New Colour Options For The 'term' Command, posted on Wed Dec 24 17:00:57 2014
Posted by: Wodan
Category: General
For those without mxp, there are two new terminal options: xterm256 (for 256 colours) and xterm16m (for 16 million colours).

Enjoy your extra colours!

New Map Options, posted on Sat Mar 5 19:54:45 2011
Posted by: Wodan
Category: Special
There are now two new options for maps

options output map mxp

turns on or off clickable mxp links in the map (makes you walk to that room)

options output map reversecolour

turns on or off reverse map colours (needed in some clients as they use the same colour for all links)

It seems you need to turn those on before you can turn them off (even if they're already on!) this is being looked at.

Mxp Frames (map In Different Window), posted on Sat May 8 23:33:11 2010
Posted by: Wodan
Category: General
Mxp frames (see options output map look(city)) now have colour in all clients. If your client lost colour after you closed the frame window, you can fix it with the mxp command 'mxp frame Map' this command is case sensitive. For creators this makes the f flag for the find command more usable :)



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