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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Changes To Special Attacks, posted on Tue Mar 29 00:42:10 2011
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
For several reasons, the relationship between special attacks and weapon data has been changed.

Changes you may notice:

* The difficulty calculation for preparing specials has been changed to be based on the damage the weapon does, rather than on its weight versus your dexterity. This means that some weapons are harder and some are easier, but all are compared on the same scale.

* Specials now have a calculation determining the chances of actually landing them, making them less accurate than...

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Two Ritual Changes, posted on Fri Feb 11 04:06:16 2011
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Guilds
Two small ritual changes:

Kaylar has made parch usable on items. This is particularly useful for crafts where you need to wait for items to dry.

The insect swarms summoned by creeping doom are now able to devour corpses. This makes them more dangerous to everyone around them, including the caster. The sizes have also changed, but this is a change in scale and description, rather than a change in actual power.

Furniture Fixes, posted on Tue Feb 8 06:48:52 2011
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
A few general fixes to furniture:

* Umbrella stands should now actually be able to hold umbrellas

* Small items that can be placed in your house (e.g. bowls and trophies)

should no longer claim that they're too heavy placed on other furniture.

* Wind chimes now respond to wind levels when placed in outside rooms like


A few new furnitures have also been added to various shops, mostly niche items.

Judge Should Now Lie Less, posted on Mon Jan 10 03:58:33 2011
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
Judge has been reworked somewhat to be more accurate in its results. Additionally, it should now take into account your skill with the weapon at hand when determining how effective it is.

Fumble Changes, posted on Tue Oct 26 01:35:32 2010
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Guilds
Fumble has been altered so that it causes the target to fumble the item to their inventory, rather than dropping it.

Weapon Speed Change, posted on Tue Oct 12 16:48:48 2010
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
Certain weapons were too slow because of a miscalculation in combat code. You may find that weapons that were unusably slow before are now viable.

Be warned that certain NPCs may be using such weapons too, so you may want to be careful in your usual haunts.

CTF Changes, posted on Mon Oct 11 23:48:07 2010
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
Hi. A few little changes for those of you who happen to play with the underwear and the stabbings.

* The racks in Capture the Flag have been completely reworked. You are no longer limited in the number of weapon racks that you may take. On the other hand, most non-weapon items are now in the utility racks, which are limited. Visit the arena and list and browse to see what went where.

* You will now receive your CTF amulet as soon as you enter the arena. This means that you can't accidentall...

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Further CTF Updates, posted on Thu Sep 16 00:53:51 2010
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
Some changes for those who like murder, mayhem and underwear:

* It is now possible to block flagrunners at the pole.

* Scoring has been looked at and re-calculated so that solo kills are always worth more than group kills.

* Poisoned apples are now available in the arena.

* Visit now works within the arena.

* Sulphur blocks are now available in a package of ten.

* You may now 'request' a corpse within your team room.

* Your team room now counts as a high altar.

* It is possible to list and brows...

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