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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Safecracking Returns., posted on Sun Apr 1 11:30:30 2012
Posted by: Tavish
Category: Guilds
Kordane is once again willing to teach thieves with sufficient skill the arts of safecracking. The new crack command works with the new safes that can be found in various locations around the Disc. Most of the safes are hidden and some are well protected, so you'll need to be vigilant.

Any items removed from a safe will count as theft and dealt with in the usual manner appropriate to the location (items being retrieved that you placed in the safe yourself being exempt).

A number of new crac...

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Pssst!, posted on Tue Mar 27 03:06:19 2012
Posted by: Tavish
Category: Special
Hints have been added to the game. There are no hints currently given outside of Pumpkin town, but over time this feature will see much greater use across the Disc. For more information see "help hints".

Behind Closed Doors..., posted on Tue Oct 11 15:24:16 2011
Posted by: Tavish
Category: Guilds
Probing, picking and disabling of locks and traps has been updated. The general principles remain the same but you should gain more of an advantage than before by successfully probing before picking a lock or disabling a trap.

As part of the update, the skill requirements across the range of lock and trap difficulty levels has been fixed and rationalised. For this reason you may find that you're unable to pick/disable some traps that you previously could and may need to train you skills a bit m...

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