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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Mr Countdown Spotted On Quiz Talker Channel!, posted on Fri Jun 17 14:11:05 2011
Posted by: Taffyd
Category: General
A wordsmith has been spotted lurking around on the Quiz talker channel. You can start his game with !countdown

Council Case Base, posted on Sun May 29 13:32:52 2011
Posted by: Taffyd
Category: Web
You can now view open cases, recently closed and closed cases for each Council area through the web site. This has been around for a while but I forgot to link it into the main Council page. Oops! (Thanks Asha for reminding me).


Nâzgul, Nazgûl, Nazguls!, posted on Fri Dec 4 12:05:30 2009
Posted by: Taffyd
Category: General and Quiz
Avid quizzers will be pleased to know that the "Nazgûl" question in the Lord of the Rings category should now respond to nazgûl, nâzgul or just plain old nazgul.

Discworld MUD On Twitter, posted on Fri Nov 13 15:08:12 2009
Posted by: Taffyd
Category: Special
Discworld is currently automatically syndicating all creator blog entries to twitter, accessible via the #discworldmud tag. Feel free to link your own Discworld MUD related tweets with #discworldmud. You can also follow the user "discworldmud".

If you have any ideas for future twitter integration, or have other feedback (such as "Wow, what a stupid idea!") then please mail them to me.

Electoral Rolls, posted on Thu Mar 19 12:06:08 2009
Posted by: Taffyd
Category: General, Council and Web
I've added the ability to view the electoral rolls through the Player Council web pages. These numbers are fairly close to "real time", but please note that the roster may include inactive, deleted or (possibly) creator/test characters.


Discworld Quiz Category, posted on Wed Feb 25 13:16:41 2009
Posted by: Taffyd
Category: General and Quiz
Kaylar has kindly worked on a new 'Discworld' category for Mr Quiz (accessible through the Quiz channel on your talker). Please give it a go and let us know how you like it!

You can start a quiz with only Discworld questions with the '!start Discworld' command.

I've also managed to track down the bug which was stopping the TV and TV/Movies (renamed now to TV & Movies for consistency) categories from working, so all you television fans can get your quiz fix now.



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