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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Wildswing, posted on Sun Jan 4 17:04:41 2015
Posted by: Ruse
Category: Guilds
A few improvements have been made to the Wildswing command:

- Increased the potential damage and altered how this changes as the attack continues

- Reduced the tactical penalty following the attack

- Allowed the use of 'concentrate' to attempt to have an opponent bear the brunt of the attack

- Fixed incorrect messages appearing for certain types of weapon

- Fixed erroneous failure messages

Unlike other fighting specials this remains unfocusable

Thieves' Specialisation, posted on Sat Dec 13 19:39:17 2014
Posted by: Ruse
Category: Guilds
Members of the Thieves' Guild must now make the conscious decision to specialise - skill increases above a certain level will not trigger this automatically. The limits on advancement before specialisation are unchanged.

Hag Stones, posted on Sun Nov 16 15:39:29 2014
Posted by: Ruse
Category: Guilds
The chances of holding onto a hag stone after attempting to educe a spell or trick from it have been slightly improved, in particular when a certain amount of your mind-space is already taken up with other spells.

Floating Utensils, posted on Sun Nov 9 23:19:58 2014
Posted by: Ruse
Category: Guilds
A bug in the floating defense code making certain utensils invincible has been fixed. Items that might have previously remained in excellent condition will degrade over time so witches beware! If however you notice a particular sort of item degrading very quickly please submit a report against it.

Ug Ogg Changes, posted on Sun Apr 7 22:55:07 2013
Posted by: Ruse
Category: Guilds
Enchantment on custom items ordered from Ug Ogg should now play nicely with Gryntard's Feathery Reliever.

Ug has also made some minor additions and improvements to his catalogue and customisation options, and will include coverage in the information provided before completing an order. An order can now be cancelled at any time, for a fraction of the full cost.

Warpaint Syntax, posted on Mon Sep 17 08:55:25 2012
Posted by: Ruse
Category: Guilds
The warpaint command can now be used without specifying the paint, which will use any paint available in what you are carrying or in a container previously identified as 'component pouch'.



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