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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Imperial Guards Drop Things, posted on Fri Feb 28 10:44:47 2014
Posted by: Osore
Category: Cwc (domain pages)
There is a new Imperial Guard trainer in the Empire and he seems to have taught the Imperial Guards not to hold onto confiscated items after death, what a great trainer he is.

Counting Down To Halloween, posted on Sun Oct 27 15:16:22 2013
Posted by: Osore
Category: Ram (domain pages)
Counting Down to Halloween

The Count and his close family members shall be celebrating Halloween in the Great Hall of Magpyr Castle this year and plan to do so each year from now on. The Magpyr family welcome any additional events that people wish to organise to help the party along each year, but will continue to host even if there were to be a year where no humans rallied to the cause.

In honour of the Roundworld season, the Count has spared no expense in redecorating the hall for a twe...

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Enjoy A New Fluffy Shop, And Merry Christmas!, posted on Sun Dec 25 10:35:02 2011
Posted by: Osore
Category: Cwc (domain pages)
Clearly there is not enough fluff on Discworld so we at CWC have decided to give you a new fluffy shop. So head on over to Elysien Street to be the first in the Assemble an Animal Workshop. Hope you all enjoy it and Merry Christmas!!

Oh For Good Sake!, posted on Tue Sep 27 23:28:26 2011
Posted by: Osore
Category: Cwc (domain pages)
Many years ago a small shop was set up somewhere near Dragon Head Square. Until now no-one has noticed this shop, but a plucky young boy and his dog made a sign and now the shop is known to all.



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