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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Get Your Tan(ning) In Sunny Ephebe!, posted on Mon Sep 9 09:15:28 2013
Posted by: Kirves
Category: Klatch (domain pages)
Due to the huge demand for sandals, a new tannery has been has been opened on Impartiality Avenue in Ephebe. To keep up with the demand for raw materials, they are also purchasing tanned hides from those wishing to sell them.

Where Am I?, posted on Tue May 28 10:15:40 2013
Posted by: Kirves
Category: Special
The paper maps that players can use to find out where they are have been redone quite a bit. They now have the potential to be far more accurate whereas before it didn't matter how much skill a player had, they just weren't accurate. Additionally, different maps will be easier to use than others depending on the area covered by the maps and how detailed they are.

A new feature is that the locations you add to them can now be erased. To do this you need to use the appropriate items of course. Another feature is that the maps now show what the locations were added with. I prefer crayons.



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