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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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A Rambling List Of Ramtops Fixes, posted on Wed Feb 7 14:05:36 2024
Posted by: Kadath
Category: Ram (domain pages)
This month, your intrepid creators have taken on the perilous terrain of the Ramtops to bring you a list of fixed bugs, implemented ideas and miscellaneous maintenance:


* Furry earmuffs from Stephan in Mad Wolf will now fit under both helmets and hats.

* Hessian sacks are now treated as "flexible" while empty, meaning you can put them inside smaller containers as long as they don't contain things themeselves.

* Non-piercing ranged weapons, such as thrown boulders, will now end up on the floor after striking their target rather than in the target's inventory.

* A plethora of bugs have been fixed involving the floaties from the Creel Springs bathing shop. They should no longer spam players with messages about deflating while not being worn, should show their inflated/deflated status properly both when looking at them and when looking at a player who is wearing them, automatically deflate when removed, properly show as deflated when their air runs out, and perhaps most crucially, no longer make swimming nigh-impossible while wearing them.

* It is no longer possible to dry yourself with a towel while you are situated in a body of water.

* Bales of hay from Razorback and jack-o-lanterns from Slippery Hollow can now both be placed as furniture. Hay bales will act as a simple table, and jack-o-lanterns can have their candles lit/replaced to provide light.

* The climbing rope and harness from Joshua's Climbing Shop in Slice now weigh more sensible amounts.

* Mending needles have been refactored so that all sewing/leatherworking needles on the disc now use the same code rather than working in their own quirky and unique ways. This shouldn't affect players in any meaningful way, other than finding that bone needles no longer function as (really terrible) weapons and can no longer be used to sew clothes mid-combat. Other types of needles (such as embroidery needles) are unaffected.

* Holding a hobby horse no longer prevents people from seeing messages about jingly fools' clothing when someone enters/exits a room. In fact, wearing such clothing and holding a hobby horse will now produce a combined effect that is, all things considered, very silly.

Copperhead Mines

* Dark Sight will now help you to fight shadow bats.

* A bug has been fixed where the "pry" and "investigate" commands for rooms containing crates sometimes didn't function properly until you looked at the crates. The word "crate" is no longer an optional word in the syntax now, so bear this in mind if you have any issues with existing aliases.

Lancre Town

* The beauty parlour in Lancre Town now offers a mullet hairstyle, and the syntax and help file are clearer.

* Your hairstyle, nail polish, lipstick, and waxed legs will no longer decay in appearance, but will instead stay perfect until they expire. Additionally, the timer will no longer count down while you are offline.

Ohulan Cutash Selling Missons

* You can now quit an OC selling mission without losing your collateral, as long as you return any unsold merchandise. J. Smyttle's dialogue is now more helpful in guiding you as to what you need to do in this circumstance.

* Fixed a bug where it was possible to sell to the same NPC repeatedly without increasing the skillcheck difficulty.

* Added some dialogue to J. Smyttles to explain why the monetary reward for mission completion is sometimes higher than the value of the items sold.

* You can no longer sell mission items to the general store that gave you them to sell.

* Mail hauberks have been removed from the list of items that can be given out to sell for senior-difficulty missions. They have been replaced with something a little more manageable weight-wise for most players.


* A new syntax has been added to the "events" command ("events list groups") for a more convenient way of seeing which groups of players an event can be targeted at. Also, the list of targetable groups now includes (a) Fools and (b) citizens of various areas.

* Roads in the Steppes now have the same climate as their surrounding terrain rooms. In most cases this means they are now somewhat colder.

Good luck!

Guildenstern, Kadath, & Kake



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