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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Over Our Quota On Bug Fixes, posted on Wed Nov 8 14:27:16 2023
Posted by: Kadath
Category: Guilds
A number of additions, improvements and bug fixes have been made throughout the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Thieves and beyond. Below is a list of the most noteworthy changes.


- A bug in backstab has been fixed. Previously, if you tried to backstab while your inventory was still regenerating, the attempt would go through but you wouldn't get any attacks. Now the attempt is prevented entirely, so you don't lose GP for no reason.

- Scope now works properly for items sold in containers (i.e. it should no longer claim things are easy to shoplift when they aren't).

- You can now shoplift items by name even when there's a sold-out thing that also matches that name.

- The command "slip Xs" will now work whenever you have only one non-worn X, rather than failing if you have a worn X. So, for example, if you're carrying one ring and wearing another, you no longer have to work out whether the carried ring is "ring 1" or "ring 2" - you can just "slip rings".

- "hide stop" now prints a message to let you know that it worked.

- Net-dead and reconnection messages are no longer shown to people who can't see the player because they're hiding.

- A few new messages have been added for a failure to hide. These do not indicate different degrees of failure - they're just for flavour.

Licences and Quotas:

- Checking your quota will now tell you how much more you need to steal to reach your minimum and maximum quota (assuming you are currently under the relevant values). Abolishing the need for basic mental arithmetic has been the most-requested licence change by the Muggers' specialisation for 12 years in a row now.

- Elusive Ron now offers an expanded range of special licences for higher-level thieves.

- Thieves' Guild licences now have a little extra detail in their short description.

- Checking your receipts will now show the timestamps for each theft in your local timezone rather than server time.

- Kordane will now make good on his threats to throw out thieves who ask to go on leave while they are over quota.

Nicolette Leveaux:

- Nicolette's petticoats and underskirts now accurately go underneath skirts.

- Likewise, her smocks are now effectively robes rather than aprons.

- When you order a suspender belt, it will actually show up as such rather than, for example, an 'ivy green belt'.

- Her trenchcoats and labcoats will likewise show up as such in the short description.

- You will now be able to wear labcoats and trenchcoats over dresses.

- Knee-high and thigh-high socks are now visible while wearing shoes.

- All her clothes are now properly coloured, so Gapp will be able to see and judge them.

- None of her clothes will appraise as being made of "plant-fibre" or "other".

- If you order something "undyed" then that won't be mentioned in the short description.

- If you enter nothing but spaces at her prompt, she will now assume that that means you want to cancel ordering (as though you'd entered 'end') instead of getting confused and giving a runtime error.

- Ordering custom clothes from Nicolette is no longer a spectator sport - only the person making the order can see the details of what they enter.

(NB: because of the way Nicolette's clothing works, you will need to order new items to see the changes. Your old ones will not be changed.)

Other Items:

- Keys for Monitor/AGM/GM offices should now have actual dimensions and should weigh considerably less than 50 grams. You will need to ditch your current key and ask Kordane for a new one to pick up this change.

- The Ankh-Morpork Thieves' Guild armoury now sells a selection of pins for those who wish to wear their guild allegiance on their sleeve (or lapel, in this instance).

- Kordane will no longer provide new recruits with a talker if they already have one on their person.


- Fences will now reject most items that are currently on fire and will need you to extinguish things like torches, tea lights, and firecrackers before trying to fence them.

- Fences should no longer have "wanted items" that are outside their speciality category or that they refuse to recognise as wanted when fenced.

- Jak Raplin should now be much more consistent in maintaining a list of wanted items.

Djelibeybi Guild Grounds

- Fixed several aspects of the "extra-curricular" rooms that are accessible in the guild. Several exits now work much more intuitively and disabling a particular trap in related to an exit will now disable that trap for individuals passing through in either direction.

These changes brought to you by Guildenstern, Kadath, Kake, & Stygian



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