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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Gravitas, What Gravitas?, posted on Wed Aug 9 15:57:03 2023
Posted by: Kake
Category: General
A bug has been fixed in the Memorable achievement, but unfortunately the fix required us to clear progress on this achievement for those who have made some progress but not yet completed it. If you feel hard done by because of this, please talk to a liaison. This does not affect people who've already completed the achievement; only people who were part-way there.

The spelling of the "Fossilized" title has been corrected to "Fossilised", in line with MUD style for spelling. If you were using this title, you will find that it has been removed for being invalid; you can just use "title fossilised" to get the new version.

The Disciple Of Debris achievement now grants the title "Dizzy", and the Extreme Potter achievement now grants the title "Potty".

The "ach" command now has a "random" argument that you can use to see details of a random achievement you haven't achieved yet. You can also append a level to see only achievements of a given level, e.g. "ach random minor".

"ach show top twenty" now shows your own score at the bottom if you aren't already in the top 20.

"ach details" now properly takes account of your "cols" setting.

The achievements page on the website now allows you to sort your own achievements by progress (ascending or descending) within categories and levels.[0]

We also have some news that is not related to achievements! Firstly, Maisey Bent has been persuaded to accept local coinage for training, and has also employed the services of a wizard to protect her from scrying so she can travel in peace.

Yellow dusters are now actually made of cloth instead of wood, in line with their description. If you are strange enough to use these as weapons, please note that you will now need to mend them rather than repair them when they get damaged, and their combat effectiveness may be slightly different from before.

A new soul has been added; you can now "badger" people to your heart's content.

- EvenSong, Guildenstern, Kake and Stygian

[0] Please note that for technical reasons it is not possible to provide this functionality within the MUD - working out progress for everything at once is computationally expensive, and hence we have to use a cache, which is reasonable on the website but potentially confusing in-MUD.



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