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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Thank You And Goodnight, posted on Wed Jun 7 14:47:08 2023
Posted by: Kake
Category: Special
Our recent Bugfix Weekend produced a plethora of fixes and enhancements, mostly related to playerhousing, decoration and furniture. Further details below!

* Furniture now responds to "placed furniture" and "unplaced furniture"/"displaced furniture" as appropriate. Moreover, it now responds to "all"/"thing"/"things" _if and only if_ it is unplaced; so, for example, "drop all" will now drop furniture items as well, but "get all" will continue to ignore placed furniture.

* Beds (except hammocks, bedrolls, futons and tatami mats) can all now have items put on them.

* Hangable items such as mirrors can now be placed "on" the ceiling as well as "hanging from" the ceiling.

* Cats and cat toys can now be put into cat baskets.

* Birdbaths now attract birds in suitable circumstances.

* Decoratable furniture now gives a more useful failure message when you try to decorate parts that can't be decorated.

* Descriptions of multiple walls with the same appliques on now have improved grammar.

* There is now a limit to the number of stencils that can be put on any one wall, thus preventing the bug where too many stencils show up as the wrong number.

* "Female priest" dummies and mannequins are now "priestess" dummies and mannequins.

* Swapping clothing with dummies/mannequins now always wears the clothing, instead of sometimes just going into your inventory.

* Silver crystal dragon goblets now hold water.

* A bug in the quick categories game has been fixed: it will now award achievement progress to the winner of the game rather than the loser.

* Ink racks have been upgraped; previously, you could only store up to four bottles (1000 drops) of a given colour of ink, taking up one glass flute. It's now possible to fill multiple flutes with the same colour of ink - e.g. you can store five bottles of red ink, but this will take up two flutes of space in the rack. (The total number of flutes remains unchanged at 150.)

* Finally, Jabez Clamber and Jenny Tawdry have been persuaded to rotate their stock a bit more often.

-- Capita, Guildenstern, Kake and Stygian



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