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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Player Shop Money Changer Improvements, posted on Tue May 16 06:03:55 2023
Posted by: Presto
Category: Special
Playershop money changers have some new features!

First, for shop owners, the 'withdraw' command now allows you to withdraw multiple denominations at once by separating them with ", " (both the comma and space are required). So for example you can "withdraw 10 crowns, 5 rhinu from changer". This has actually been available for a while, but now it's officially announced. The only catch is that for Ankh-Morpork money it's recommended to use the area name (eg "Ankh-Morpork pence" or "am dollars") otherwise you might not get what you expected. This might get corrected some day.

The way the exchange rate is calculated for foreign-to-foreign switches has been changed to be the sum of the acceptrate and issue rates for the two areas. The old way was a little more fair to customers, but was complicated to understand.

For customers there are some new commands.

First, you can now 'list contents of changer' to see what money is available.

Second, you can now 'change <money> to <area> on changer' to convert your cash to money from certain area. For example 'convert am dollars to lancre on changer'.

And third, if you want to see what the result of a transaction would be without actually doing it, both variants of the 'change' command have an associated 'try' command, so you can 'try to change am dollars to lancre on changer'.




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