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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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The Darling Bugs Of May, Part 2, posted on Wed May 10 12:07:37 2023
Posted by: Kadath
Category: General
Here's the latest batch of updates, tweaks and fixes from your lovely creator team:

- Playershop greeter imps have finally learned how to speak Brindisian, Dwarfish and Klatchian. (If yours is not co-operating, please ask a liaison to update the room, or wait for the next reboot.)

- The output of the temperature command has been clarified, removing the need to wonder (or argue about) whether "a lot of warmth" is more than or less than "quite a lot of warmth".

- The weights of garlic cloves and bulbs have been rationalised to ensure that (a) the cloves ripped from a bulb no longer weigh several times more than the bulb itself, and (b) garlic no longer doubles its weight when ground. To compensate for these changes, (i) garlic cloves now act as collective objects in the same way as carrots (i.e. they stack in your inventory) and (ii) the Laughing Falafel now sells bulbs of garlic instead of individual cloves, at the same price as before. Please note that bulbs of garlic cannot be directly ground - you need to rip out the cloves and grind those.

- Books can now be turned or opened to a random page, and books with no pages left can now be referred to as "empty book". Please note that these changes are unlikely to filter through to all existing books until after the next reboot.

- You can now use $servertime$ and $localtime$ in your prompt and monitor strings to print the server time and the time in your personal timezone (if set). See "help prompt" and "help monitor" for more.

- The mailinfo command has a new syntax, "mailinfo alts unread", for those of you who find "mailinfo alts" too spammy.

- Using 'group assist' to change the person you're assisting should now automagically 'unassist' the previous person.

- You can now use the 'engraved' adjective to refer to things that have been engraved with text or a pattern.

- The priest ritual 'Food of Life' now works on hunks of meat that have deboned on a butcher's workbench.

- Spider monkeys now have the correct number of limbs

- Fixed an issue where it was impossible to TM music skills when using custom play or serenade messages.

- You can no longer crack a safe if the room is too bright or dark for you to see it clearly.

- Coffee Nostra mission npcs that ask for scroll deliveries can now actually hold said scrolls without blowing up.

- Four kitchen sinks have appeared in shops in Sto Lat and Bad Ass, so you will no longer have to go into the bathroom for water.

- Two new pieces of Klatchian-themed jewellery are available in Djelibeybi.

- Squinty Jeb has been persuaded to make bevors to go with the rest of his wares.

- The Laughing Dog restaurant in Bes Pelargic has had a change of owner and heart - it is now a place for dogs to go and have dinner with their humans.

- Gem grinding has been un-bugged; it is now possible to fail when it wasn't before.

Good luck!

Fran, Guildenstern, Kadath & Kake



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