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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Divine Intervention, posted on Tue Mar 7 16:17:07 2023
Posted by: Kadath
Category: Guilds
Your lovely creators have been busy this weekend, primarily waving big sticks and pointy things at the Gods of Dunmanifestin to demand a variety of fixes and changes relating to their faithful flocks. Here are the main highlights from what we managed to 'negotiate':

Shops & Items:

- Party hats are now available in the AM Hat Temple shop.

- A couple of different Hattian npcs in Djelibeybi have acquired some new headwear.

- The shop in the Djelibeybi Fish Temple now stocks a much better variety of items.

- The shop in the Bes Pelargic shipwreck now stocks some new items of clothing.

- A shrine to Shoji has opened in the Red Tower in Bes Pelargic, selling clerical items.

- Faith rods can now be referred to by their consecrated deity, e.g. "Hat baton" as well as "hattite baton".

Temples & Passage Rooms:

- Visiting somebody who is not visible to you (because of light levels or stealth) no longer tells you the hidden player's gender.

- You can no longer walk directly through the giant fire pit in Sek's Djelibeybi temple.

- You can now swing on the vines in the hot tub area of Pishe's AM Temple, should you so wish.

- Fish's high altar in Ephebe is now situated in shallow water rather than next to it.

- You can now throw balls for your pets in Pishe's passage room without losing them.

- The water in Fish's passage room is now properly salty.

- Gapp's statue now wears His favoured clothes.

- The clerk in charge of the donations slab in Gufnork's AM Temple will no longer treat a single player as multiple entities based on whether they had a surname at the time of donating. All existing donations that were spread across different surnames have now been consolidated and a new top 10 donator list has been compiled.

- Harry in the Temple of Small Gods now reacts to ghosts who were present when he arrived, as well as those who showed up after he was already spawned.

Rituals & Minions:

- The Visit ritual now properly informs observers when other characters follow the performing player on their visit.

- Khepresh has received a a Talking To from senior members of the Hattian church. He will no longer perform rituals with a 'missing symbol', will be somewhat more responsive to a number of souls, and has had his diplomatic immunity for the Listening Monks' Temple revoked.

- The Chant ritual will now calm pets and minions belonging to your groupmates as well as the groupmates themselves.

- Holy fluff is now lighter in weight.

- Find Corpse is no longer pk-checked and will no longer fail if your holy amulet is in a component pouch.

- Wrath no longer uses a fake 'say' command, and the ritual stage messages have been amended as a result.

- Some new dust devil types are available.

- Players with summoned minions will now get an extra warning message prior to the minion disappearing. This is in addition to the existing departure messages and should give players more time to respond to the departure. This message will appear even if you're not in the same room as the minion at the moment it triggers.

- Spectres summoned by the Unquiet Spirit ritual should no longer ever have duplicate adjectives for the same summoner. This should make it easier to interact with specific spectres in conjunction with the 'my' qualifier.

- Items that are stolen from spectres will no longer be immediately destroyed.

- The Breathe Underwater ritual now gives a few extra warning messages when its duration is getting low. In addition, when you extend the duration of the ritual, you will receive some approximate feedback on how long you can expect it to last.

- Celestial Anchor is somewhat quicker to cast (more in line with similar rituals like stasis) and will now prevent escape via blue crystal ring.

Player Information:

- Fingering or referring a player-worshippable deity will now list their ministers as well as their High Priest/ess.

- The finger info of ministers and High Priest/esses now indicates their position.

- Excommunicated Fishites and high-level excommunicated Pishites now have more exciting post-titles than just "the Heretic".

- Footlefon, God of Stairwells, now has a proper reference.


Kadath, Kake & Guildenstern



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