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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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As The Sands Of Runtime Trickle Through, posted on Tue Nov 8 09:34:37 2022
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: Klatch (domain pages)
* Title changers now have a "check" command which will show you your current title with the colour codes.

* Water buffalo no longer spawn in the rainforest; gaurs spawn instead. Water buffalo are still available in the appropriate habitat.

* Flatulus and Aegadon have finally consented to be (respectfully) fingered.

* Alethelegeios now sells talkers in a much more obvious way.

* Benches in Ephebe no longer hide items placed on them.

* Tortoises will now accept gifts of lettuce.

* The clock in the Ephebe citadel now specifies which hour it's tolling.

* Arimasticopoulous the Mosaicist will now install his mosaics on ceilings and walls as well as floors.

* Carved elephant tusks are no longer worthless.

* Pterrence and Ptune Pturban now have some more options available, and their shop sells a couple of hijabs.

* The Djelibeybi post office now sells envelopes to match their range of writing papers.

* Stalls in the Djelibeybi bazaar should now also all understand "out" as well as "leave".

* The water shop on Tsort Road will now allow you to refill the spray vials it sells, which now come in a few more colours and show more reliably when they're empty.

* The cairns in Djelibeybi now cause lightning damage rather than fire damage, so shields that protect against lightning will protect you, and shields that protect only against fire will not.

* A backgammon board has been installed in Ol'Ptom's bar in Djelibeybi.

* The map in the Djelibeybi council reception is now much more readable if you can't read it.

- Fran, Guildenstern, and Kake



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