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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Miscellaneous 'can't Think Of A Punny Title' Fixes, posted on Mon Jul 18 22:41:23 2022
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: General
* Mr Vitiolo has begun restoring damaged quills in his shop on Brookless Street, Ankh-Morpork.

* Pens, styli, and so forth should no longer answer to 'quill'.

* Most writing implements now weigh more sensible amounts.

* Erasers now weigh a nonzero amount, and can be used to erase signatures in pencil.

* Parchments are now no longer also made of paper.

* The achievement 'Patron Saint of Perforators' now does actually put up a portrait of the most recent achiever in the Stab in the Back pub. Unless they've chosen to hide the achievement, in which case they put up a portrait of an unnamed but very stabby figure in a black cloak instead.

* The "financials" command in club control rooms now allows you to list transactions in reverse order, i.e. from newest to oldest.

* Hatty Lillington's hats now include the style (if you chose one) in their short description, in line with other custom items.

* The RSS feeds for the bulletin boards now include links to the relevant posts, allowing you to click straight through from your feed reader.

- Guildenstern and Kake



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