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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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The Darling Bugs Of May, posted on Mon May 9 15:22:00 2022
Posted by: Kadath
Category: Sur
Now that spring has well and truly sprung, your lovely creators have been hard at work weeding the garden that is the MUD codebase. The list of changes below might look small, but for each change you see here, there have been a multitude of other quiet little adjustments and fixes in response to various idea and bug reports. The changes you are likely to notice are as follows:

- A variety of climbable trees have had oddities fixed, such as properly responding to 'climb assess', and giving a more appropriate response to attempting to bury items in their branches.

- Flowers purchased from the stall in Sheepridge can now be braided into hair as an alternative to being worn.

- Braiding flowers into the hair of another player will now fail if that person is ignoring you.

Several changes have been made to Bernita's Flower Shop on Treacle Street in Ankh-Morpork:

1) You can now order and send multiple flowers at a time. The maximum number you can send at once will depend on the weight of the flower(s) you choose.

2) If Bernita isn't able to give you the flowers you ordered (due to having too many items/too much weight in your inventory, for example) she will no longer wait 2 full minutes before placing them on the floor for you.

3) Bernita will no longer allow you to send flowers to people who have you on their ignore list, even if they're offline at the time.


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