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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Crone Corrections, Cat Conniptions And Consecutive Collisions, posted on Mon Apr 4 15:25:25 2022
Posted by: Kadath
Category: Guilds
This weekend, your wonderful creator team sifted through a variety of bug and idea reports relating to the Witches' Guild and have made the following changes and improvements:


- Holding a broom when finding yourself high up in the air will now only land witches safely; everyone else can expect a hard landing.

- Attempting a disallowed command while flying on a broomstick will now inform other players in the air room of your poor choices.

- Some incorrect broom landing messages have been fixed.

- Crash landing in a room where there is already a crater shaped like you will now print a special message.

- The locations you crash land at should be more random now.

- Witches may now erase locations from a broom without having to overwrite them.

- When a destination recorded on a broom goes quantum, it will no longer be automatically erased.

- More broom polish scents are available.


- Mama Blackwing's Potent Preserver can now only be cast on items in your inventory (including items in containers you are carrying). This prevents a wide variety of buggy interactions with witches trying to dry up ponds, lakes and various other things that should probably be left well alone.

- Mama Blackwing's Potent Preserver will give a much more helpful message if you cast it on a vessel rather than the liquid that is in that vessel (it will no longer tell you the vessel contains no moisture).

- Hag's Blessing now has a couple of extra jams that may be used to summon fireflies.


- Greebo is now much less tolerant of being subjected to the rituals 'splash' and 'soothing rain'. You have been warned.

- Mrs Gogol now sells her gumbo from her tent in Genua's marketplace. Unlike the dead, she does require the living to pay for her cooking.

- Making bats fumble by tempting them when they have a full inventory is now PK-checked.

- Borst Besensteel will now let you interrupt someone if they've been idle for over a minute while ordering.


- Several small changes have been implemented to make the process of becoming a witch less confusing for newbies.

- You can now use scented ink to make scented candles at Wee Flaudia's cottage in Mad Wolf.

- The chest in Granny's front hall will now reject any item that has been bonded to someone, including to NPCs.

- It is now possible to ogle elephants, if your skills are high enough.

- Custom witch hats now show their 'style' in their short description. If you would prefer to go back to the 'traditional' or 'modern' adjective in the short description, you can do so by ordering a hat and choosing 'none' for the style.

- Decate's pool is now a real pool containing real (sea)water, rather than a cunning trick of the light that was impossible to interact with.

These changes brought to you by Capita, Fran, Guildenstern, Kadath, Kake, and Presto



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