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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Fang-Tastic Forgeries, posted on Wed Feb 23 21:28:06 2022
Posted by: Kadath
Category: Cwc (domain pages)
The Fang family in Bes Pelargic have made a number of improvements to their counterfeiting facilities in the hope of attracting some extra revenue from their friends and associates.

There are numerous changes to how the forgery process works, the most significant of which are as follows:

- Access to the forgery facilities is no longer limited to just thieves, although you must still be a member of the Fang Family.

- The types of skills required have not changed, but the level of skill needed for a success has been increased in each case.

- The forgery process now takes place over four individual stages, rather than one (very long) stage. There are new commands associated with each stage that were not present before. The help file for the room has been updated to explain these changes, so please take a look even if you've made forgeries in the past.

- Sufficiently skilled players may find that they can now create extremely convincing forgeries that are more worthy of their time and effort.

- Upon completion of a forgery attempt, and when looking at a forgery that you have created, you will now get a more helpful indication of how convincing your duplicate is.

Various bugs and issues have been also fixed along the way, and hopefully forgery will now be a more stable and worthwhile endeavour.

Have fun!

(Please note: If you are racing off to try out forging right after this blog is posted, it is recommended that you su first to make sure your forge-able documents are properly updated)



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