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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Truffles, Tramps, And Thieves, posted on Fri Feb 11 22:21:44 2022
Posted by: Feanor
Category: General
There have been several changes to how foraging for truffles works.

The main change is that truffles are now much easier to find. While the minimum skills to get started haven't changed, anything above that should result in a greater amount of more valuable truffles from your foraging expeditions.

The other changes are more cosmetic in nature:

1) Not every deciduous forest room will have truffles, but the ones that do will have much more than before.

2) In order not to waste time with empty rooms, the 'encourage' command has been split into two varieties:

- 'encourage pig to start looking for truffles' puts your pig into 'search mode'. This makes it automatically report whether it smells truffles in a room it enters. The pig stays searching for a long time, or until you have it dig or tell it to stop.

- 'encourage pig to dig for truffles' is exactly what it says. You don't have to have it in search mode for this to work.

If repeated digging isn't finding anything, but your pig can still smell truffles in the air, the remaining ones are probably too hard to pinpoint at your skill level.

3) The cooldown period after a successful dig is now explicit, preventing you from encouraging your pig again for a while. Having multiple pigs doesn't bypass this limit.

4) You also can't encourage your pig to dig if you're not in the right type of room.

Happy truffling!


The tramps in Ohulan-Cutash have finally worn out their clothes, the attire catching up with their lifestyle.


The Thieves' Guild cook is now unable to prevent you from tasting their food if they're, well, unable to prevent you from tasting their food



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