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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Pelagian, posted on Mon Feb 7 20:11:47 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: Cwc (domain pages)
In celebration of the recent Lunar New Year, the authorities, citizens and underworld denizens of Bes Pelargic have been doing some soul-searching and self-improvement. Lots of minor things have been fixed here and there, but here's a summary of the ones that you are most likely to notice:

- The plants sold at the Phoenix Avenue plant shop are now placeable as furniture, and have also been made lighter to allow you to put them on tables if that suits your aesthetic better.

- One Tender Tulip has been persuaded to sell her wares to anyone who can reach her, and no longer assumes everyone is from Ankh-Morpork.

- Tomtom the monkey has agreed to be a little less stubborn about acknowledging some of things that visitors say to him.

- Animals from the Assemble-An-Animal shop on Elysien Lane will no longer magically fix themselves after logging out and in if they had been split from overstuffing.

- The families of Bes Pelargic have reluctantly agreed that, despite it being a hilarious joke on outsiders, they will no longer ask you to visit any inaccessible rooms as part of a mission.

- Bes Pelargic arms permits are now properly made of paper and can be used as spell scrolls.

- A safe somewhere in Bes Pelargic now contains more than just money.

- The Hong family guards now have something to justify the lock on their chest.

- In response to complaints and violence from angry customers, Wun Staind Arm will now give give a more accurate explanation of how your requested tattoo will look when completed.

- Things buried on the piers and breakwaters at the Tuna Bay docks will now go into the sea rather than "deep within the [nonexistent] earth". This also means they will no longer be recoverable.

- The Pearl River ferry no longer has its own microclimate.

- Imperial Guards will no longer nominate someone to talk to passers-by if there is nothing for them to actually comment on.

- After considerable debate, the Subcommittee for Classification of Injurious Materials in Bes Pelargic has agreed to declassify tealights as deadly weapons. In addition, tealights will now produce a far more appropriate amount of light and can be lit without being held, meaning they can be dropped in a room for some pleasant ambient lighting.

These fixes and many others were brought to you by Evensong, Fran, Guildenstern, Kadath and Kake.

Kung hei fat choy!



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