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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Horse Changes, posted on Mon May 24 13:33:47 2021
Posted by: Capita
Category: Special
You can now "continue riding on <horse>" if your ride was interrupted by "stop riding", being attacked, or falling off your horse.

Horses will now show up at your location after a broomstick flight.

Grooming towels are now correctly put away after grooming is finished.

If your horse is attacked and set to assist you, you will assist your horse automatically (regardless of its intuition).

The rate at which pneumonia progresses has been tweaked.

You can no longer sell rental horses to horse dealers.

You can no longer put two saddles on one horse.

Horses now consider the number of rooms on each route when choosing a path to a destination.

Your horse's name is now visible when it's looked at.

Turpentine can now be found at the janitor's office in Tacticus Academy.

The message for hitting your head on a door is now sent to both the room you left and the room you arrived in.

Fixed horses forgetting they were wearing shoes after a su.

Horses now show a message when their traits change due to exercise.

Dead horses will now be taken by Death immediately after being sold, to prevent shenanigans.

Locations learned by horses are now case insensitive.

The list of locations in "ask my horse to remember" is now alphabetized.

You can now refer to horses by their name even if you're not their owner.

Horses returned to Priscilla and then bought were still marked as rentals, so they would leave after a week. This has been fixed for future returns, but existing horses that have been returned and then bought will still have this issue.

Priscilla is now named Prinscilla, because of a name overlap.

Horses will now be dried off by the blessing of Fish after passing through His passage room. Additionally, they will not get pneumonia until they leave the water.

Resurrection sickness now recovers very slowly over time.

Fixed bug where horses would roll to trample opponents once per minute instead of once per round.

You can now follow along on a ride if both of you are mounted.

The skillchecks for assessing and grooming horses are now affected by docility, like the others. If your horse has more than 60 docility, they will now be easier compared to before; if it has less, they will be harder.

Moved all the tiers of assess result down by one rank - if you could get a vague result before, you will be able to get a semi-vague result now, and if you could get a semi-vague result you will now get an accurate one. It is now impossible to get the unknown result, regardless of how ferocious your horse is. Grooming is also significantly easier than before.

Fixed bug where renaming a location would not change the routes that led to and from that location.

Tweaked trait penalties from illness - they should now be a constant penalty instead of a percentage penalty, so that low and high stats are all affected equally.

Knights in Genua now have horses, and a rare chance of carrying a special item.

Horses can no longer gain "carrying" exercise in speed and strength from worn items - only items carried using the pack saddle. This should solve the issue where it was very hard to increase intuition because horses were constantly getting speed and strength exercise from carrying their saddlebags.

Converted the stables in the Genuan Musketeers guild and the Djelian barracks into actual stables. Also, added some more stables in Ohulan-Cutash and Bes Pelargic - they'll get different descriptions later.



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